2014 LA Film Fest Screenwriters Coffee Talk

Screenwriters Ed Solomon, Susannah Grant and Max Borenstein

One of the highlights of the LA Film Festival is its “Coffee Talks” series, held every year on a Sunday, that gathers seasoned and venerated veterans to engage in an intimate and insightful conversation (yes, coffee is included!) about their given trade. From directors, to actors, to composers, to screenwriters, it’s always a don’t-miss event because of the wisdom the panelists impart.

This year’s Screenwriters Coffee Talk included Ed Solomon (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Men in BlackNow You See Me), Susannah Grant (Ever AfterErin Brockovich, 28 Days) and Max Borenstein (GodzillaSeventh Son).

Here are a few pearls of wisdom (some self-evident but entirely apropos) they shared:

There are no short cuts…early in my career as a stand-up comedian, I had the opportunity to meet Jay Leno. I approached him with a joke I had been working on and asked if he would hear it and tell me if he thought it was funny. His reply was this: Go on stage a thousand times and if you still have questions about your joke, then I’ll be happy to answer.” ~Ed Solomon

Writers, you have to get your own ego out of the way. Writers screw themselves by defending their work too much.” ~E.S.

Screenwriter Ed Solomon

The short cut for time is having someone else read your work.” ~E.S.

You need to seek out critics and be harder on yourself than anyone else.” ~Susannah Grant

I never disagree with a note in a room. Professionally, it’s stupid.” ~E.S.

Gratitude and compassion, it cuts through so much.” ~E.S.

The brain is the enemy of the writing process. It’s about emotions and how you feel.” ~E.S.

Craft is important, but screenwriting is a lot like sex. When it’s really good, it’s not because of craft.” S.G.

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