American Bear Movie — A Docu About the Kindness of Strangers

Two recent NYU film school graduates, Sarah Sellman and Greg Grano, set off on an adventure to test a simple concept: the kindness of strangers.

Sarah Sellman

In the summer of 2010, armed with nothing but their curiosity and a camera, Sarah and Greg traveled the country relying on the kindness of strangers for a home each night. Every day they were in a new town, meeting new people, and hoping that someone would be generous enough to open their home to two young strangers.

Could you do it? They did, and now they’re in the process of turning the adventure into a documentary film for all of us to see: “American Bear: An Adventure In The Kindness Of Strangers.”

Greg Grano


The docu is said to be “an exploration of our country through trust, fear, and hospitality, across America and between Americans.”

In 60 days, the young couple makes their way around the U.S., along the way encountering hundreds of strangers (and new friends). It all began a year earlier, during another road trip, with an inspired dream that became the blueprint for the journey. In his sleep, Greg said, “We have to go to Bear, Colorado!” –- only Bear, CO didn’t exist.

They found that five other Bears DO exist in the country, and ironically made a perfect loop between Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Arkansas, and Delaware — and so began their adventure through 30 states around the country.

“American Bear” invites audiences to experience the adventure themselves, explore American culture, and the beautiful kindness of strangers that’s hiding around every corner of every small town and big city across the country.

They are currently fundraising for post production. Let’s hope they get it – I can’t wait to see their journey! To learn more visit

Here’s the trailer:

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