Breathwork Therapy With Nathaniel V. Dust

Breathwork, or pranayama breathing, therapy is a powerful, two-stage tool + technique used to help individuals confront, and expunge, the emotional blockages holding us back in life. Practitioners have found it more effective than basic talk therapy, because it taps directly into, and expels, the raw feelings, emotions, and negative energy that prevent us from excelling in all aspects of our lives — from our health, to our relationships, to our careers.

On a meta level, it helps us identify the ways in which we mistreat ourselves. And allows us to quiet the mind long enough to hear what the heart has to say.

On a functional level, it’s a technique you can take and use almost anywhere. Breathwork operates by alkalizing the bloodstream, releasing endorphins, and accessing what practitioners call our inner wisdom.


I first learned about breathwork therapy through a friend who introduced me to LA-based practitioner, Nathaniel Dust. Nathaniel has been using breathwork for half a decade and has an adroit sense of compassion when it comes to healing. After struggling with addiction and several failed attempts at suicide, Nathaniel discovered breathwork while in treatment. He saw how swiftly it changed his view of the world, and himself, and became certified to teach it to others so they, too, could change their lives.


You can read about my personal experience with breathwork here. And for anyone interesting in speaking with Nathaniel and setting up a session (he does in-person, as well as phone-guided), he’s offering a $50 discount to Pacific Punch readers (just mention the Pacific Punch discount).

To learn more about Nathaniel, his background & his practice, please visit:




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