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Review: The Luxury Technology Show

Luxury and technology go together like fast cars and open roads, together you can’t help but enjoy yourself. “From the US premiere of Panasonic’s 4K TVs to the sleek BMW i8, there was something exciting for every tech lover and luxury aficionado,” said Bradford Rand, Rand Luxury CEO at the recent event. He was right. […]

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Sunset Marquis Unveils Stunning Property Remodel

The legendary Sunset Marquis Hotel has unveiled a stunning property remodel. At the helm was interior designer Oliva Villaluz, who has been involved in the renovations of the Sunset Marquis for 10 years, working alongside Sunset Marquis’ Owner Mark Rosenthal. Her plan was to develop a new look for the celebrated property by using her […]

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This Mother’s Day Celebrate Mom and the Women you Love with a Gift of Gratitude from One Woman Rising

Think of all the amazing women who have impacted your life. My list is very long. I have been blessed to have many wonderful friends and family that have loved and supported me through the good times and bad. Sometimes we need a little inspiration and support and love. This Mother’s Day, remember all the […]

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Kathy Duliakas’s 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite and Party