Celebrity 101: A week of music and a reminder to celebs

Living in Los Angeles, we see celebrities. We have People Magazine “stars are just like us” moments from time to time.  It’s just part of the LaLa landscape and unless they are dressed outrageously or have the paparazzi following or a crowd of fans ogling, they often blend in and go about their business as usual.

Of course, the more recognizable names and faces will be noticed no matter how inconspicuous they attempt to be, especially when in a very public setting, like say, a concert venue. My personal experience has been that most are very gracious and pleasant, particularly when adoring fans just want an autograph or a photo to show their friends.

But every once in a while, you have an unfortunate encounter that leaves you feeling disappointed at best. The problem? Those impressions stay with you. If it’s an actor, you’ll never watch one of their movies with the same suspension of disbelief and if it’s a musician, you’ll never listen to their music with quite the same joy, if at all.

Joss Stone and Vintage Trouble at the Wiltern

The first and only time I remember such a time happening to me (before last week) was when I was six or seven years old at the pool of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. (I know, what was I doing in Vegas at that age?!) I had seen David Copperfield‘s magic show the night before so when I saw him sauntering around the pool in his purple velvet robe, I asked my dad if I could go meet him. My six-year-old brain thought the guy was a real magician who did real magic and made things appear out of nowhere – I was in awe.

My dad said, “of course, go ahead and introduce yourself and tell him you saw his show and want his autograph.” That’s exactly what I did. And he refused! He basically ignored me and continued his stroll around the pool in the sweltering heat covered by his absurd robe, clearly looking for attention, just not from a kid. I never forgot it, and I’ve been relatively shy in such situations ever since.

If I put myself in their shoes, it’s got to be a strange phenomenon when you go from obscurity to a household name, when your freedom is taken away because you can’t just GO somewhere anonymously. Eyes are always on you and people always want something from you, even if it’s just a moment of your time. And to that, I sympathize. It can’t be easy. But some do it gracefully, like Taylor Swift for example, who has reportedly spent more than 12 hours signing autographs and taking photos until every last fan who wants one gets one. That’s dedication, but it’s also one of the reasons her record sales are on par with oh, the BEATLES and Michael Jackson. Without fans, you can’t sell a record, you can’t get ratings and you can’t get a blockbuster hit.

So when you come across or hear stories of a celebrity who doesn’t take the 30 seconds to speak to a fan, it’s disappointing because our natural inclination is to judge and feel slighted. This unfortunately happened to me during this past week – the first time since that day in Vegas with that magician. Yes, I’m still bitter. It was rude. And I was six.

But before I get to that…

A couple of weeks ago, the theme was music. Everyone who knows me well knows that seeing live music is one of my favorite pastimes. The genre doesn’t matter much – I love it all, so long as it’s great talent and a phenomenal performance that gets me off my feet to dance, belting out a tune as I’d only do in the shower or the car, or moves me to tears and tingles with a powerful ballad.

Friday night kicked it off with Maroon 5 at The Orpheum. The show was the best I’ve seen them, even better than last fall’s rocking Hollywood Bowl concert when Stevie Nicks made a guest appearance to sing with Adam Levine – the highlight moment of that concert for me. But on Friday, the so-called “moment” was a Reggae-Sting-like intro to “One More Night”:

The next night, it was a country thang at the Hollywood Bowl. The night opened with American Idol‘s Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, who was nothing if not humble and appreciative of the rocket ship to stardom he’s experienced in the last year since his winning the reality show title and his first recording contract.

“Thank you!” McCreery said halfway through his 30-minute set, remembering his fondness for the town that he “spent some time in” during his Idol days. “Thanks to you, I get to come out here and live my dream every night!” One thing he said he misses about LA? In-N-Out Burger. The Garner, South Carolina native released a Christmas album on October 16th.

Next up was The Band Perry, the sibling trio who got the Bowl on their feet with the powerful vocals of lead singer Kimberly Perry. Their mega hit ballad “If I Die Young” (which went quadruple platinum), was the song of the set and the one for which everyone was waiting, with seemingly all the fans in the Bowl signing along. My personal favorite of their set though was this one:

The man of the night was Brad Paisley who closed his 2012 North American tour at the Bowl. It’s a shame more country shows don’t come to Los Angeles — they typically go to Anaheim or Irvine or places that take some serious freeway time to get to. In fact, it was a DECADE ago the last time I saw a major country act in LA — Tim McGraw at Staples Center. What can I say, my heart melts for a cowboy in fitted jeans and boots and a big hat.

Country Night at the Hollywood Bowl: Lindsay Taub, Parker Bartlett, Brad Paisley, Scotty McCreery, and Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry

Paisley makes my heart melt for more than his Southern pride however. Always media-savvy and introducing contemporary twists, humor, and pop culture satire to his country lyrics, he said to the crowd — “Soon, there’ll be whole binders full of men,” making light of Mitt Romney’s now-infamous comment in the second presidential debate. “I’m Brad Paisley, and I approved this message.”

And then three quarters of the way through he did something I’d never seen an artist at the Bowl (or anywhere) do before. He went up into the nosebleeds, beyond the superseats not just as a breeze through the crowd, but to stand up there on a small stage, guitar in hand to sing “Letter to Me.”

Brad Paisley visits fans in the "drinking section" at Hollywood Bowl

There, he told fans in “the drinking section,” as he called it, that growing up going to concerts in West Virginia he’d never gotten any closer than they were. Melt. I’m quite certain there’s not a person there that night who didn’t feel Paisley’s heartfelt gratitude when he thanked the audience even way up to the top of the Bowl for purchasing a ticket in tough economic times for so many.

Then the moment came that we’ve come to expect of the Hollywood Bowl – the surprise guest appearance. Carrie Underwood slithered onto the stage behind Paisley to sing their popular duet “Remind Me.” The crowd went nuts. And as cameras clicked and videos filmed, mine was included. I posted a video clip of it the next day on YouTube (see below). And then a comment came in.

“It was a hologram,” a YouTube User said. As I was in my car driving to a dinner, I thought, “what a jerk!” But then…could it be true? I googled. Sitting at a red light on La Cienega, I literally shrieked out loud as one after another google result talked about how Paisley had been using a HOLOGRAM of Carrie Underwood all season long.

YouTube confirmed it – in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, same Carrie… Joke was on us! I had no idea. It looked real, but I do remember thinking, “where’s the fan? Her hair is blowing a lot for a non-windy night.” Later I updated the YouTube description and am certain there are many at the Bowl that night who will forever believe they saw Carrie Underwood performing live with Brad Paisley. Here’s the video:

The week of music across the genres concluded with with a bluesy soulful night at The Wiltern. Joss Stone was as she always is – sexy, sultry, and sublime; a more mellow Joss than I’ve seen previously, but she can’t do wrong in my eyes. Love her. A clip:

While I love Joss and all her barefoot brilliance, I have to be honest. The opening act (who I hadn’t heard of previously) stole the show. Vintage Trouble took LA to church! It was like being transported to a gospel church in the South. During the set, lead singer Ty Taylor said, “You grow up walking by places like this and think ‘one day’… that day is TODAY!” Such phenomenal talent.

And now we get to Adam Lambert, the new Copperfield. There my friend and I were, in between sets at the Wiltern and she says, “That’s Adam Lambert,” pointing to a guy sitting two rows in front of us. “In the black hat?” I said. “Yes, wait til he turns around. You’ll see…” He did, and oh yes. Hard to miss. Jet black eye-liner looking fabulous.

I texted my friend Shannon, arguably one of Adam Lambert’s biggest fans to tell her that HER American Idol was five feet away from me. After the OMFG texts came back, I thought, “I hate HATE going up to celebs of any kind for a photo even when it’s an assignment and I’m covering a story, but for Shannon, I’ve gotta do it. She’ll freak.”

Let me back up for a moment. I like Adam Lambert’s music. I liked him on Idol. And I completely supported him after his male-on-male kiss during a performance at the American Music Awards caused media and public outrage. It was shameful that Britney and Madonna could do it and be praised and he couldn’t. He’s also one of the few successful openly gay male musical talents (Elton John and George Michael aside) and I respect him for that.

My friend Shannon as "SHAdam Lambert" last Halloween

So my friend and I walked to the lobby of the theatre to get a drink. As if perfectly timed, Lambert was walking our way. “Adam,” I say, and he stopped. “I have to tell you that my dear friend Shannon is a huge fan of yours. So huge that she WAS you for Halloween last year – she was ‘SHAdam Lambert’,” I said.

“Is she a she-male?” he asked. “Haha, no, just a huge fan,” I said. “Tell her I said ‘shank you,’” he said, and then I did what I am typically too shy to do and asked if we could take a photo that I could send to her. “She’d be so excited,” I said. And then the dun, dun, dun… “I need to get these back to my seat, sorry. Come find me later.” Come find you later? Are you serious? No shank you.


Okay, so he was holding two beers. It’s not like he was being mobbed. He was alone walking through the lobby. If it was really such a big deal that he was carrying two beers, he could’ve asked me to hold one, or he could’ve asked my friend to hold one. He could’ve said, “wait here while I take these to my seats and I’ll come right back.” He could have said, “follow me to my seat so I can put these down.” Anything! Or just taken the two seconds to take a photo. So instead of me texting my friend a photo that she would have loved and treasured and make every time she hears a song of his that much more fun, she instead will remember my text — “Sorry, I tried. Here’s a shot of the back of his head.”

The back of Adam Lambert's head, at the Wiltern

Might seem like a small offense to some. But it really bothered me. He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know who I know. He doesn’t know what I do. What if I was a big-time producer who wanted to do a show with him or put him into one of my films? What if I was an agent who represented a huge talent who wanted to collaborate on a record with him? What if I was the ad sales or marketing guru for Pepsi or Gucci and wanted to do an endorsement deal with him? You just never know… And in this town, that’s even more true.

“With every artist or band I worked with, I constantly reminded them that each fan is the single most important ingredient in the recipe for success. Without them, consider yourself alone in a room with an audience of none,” said a close friend of mine who happens to be a former artist/talent manager for CAA.

“Even on those days they didn’t feel like it, I told my clients to suck it up and take that photo or listen to that story of adoration or about how a song changed that fan’s life. It’s about staying in the present, being grateful and checking that ego at the door. Isn’t this American Idol 101? Success can easily come and go. And besides, you never know just who that fan may be and what they could do for you.”

Lindsay Taub and Parker Bartlett with Ty Taylor, lead singer/guitarist for Vintage Trouble

Oh and by the way — after the show, who stayed to meet and greet and take photos and chat with every single fan who stopped by? Vintage Trouble. Such nice guys and such huge talent. They’re about to explode. Don’t miss an opportunity to see them live!

So the lesson here is simple. If you have any kind of notoriety and a fan (or friend of a fan) approaches you, take a moment and take the photo. Be nice. Be humble. Be appreciative. Take a cue from the likes of Scotty McCreery and Brad Paisley — without fan support, you can’t do what you do. That’s what I call Celebrity 101.

Perhaps it’s best said by Brad Paisley’s anthem for Hollywood. I’ll let the lyrics do the talking…

…while I’m still basking in a week of incredible live music in LA…

Read Lindsay’s response to this post here. 


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  1. tattoojo says:

    I was disappointed to read that you dissed Adam Lambert, for wanting his privacy. Hey you met him, something lot’s of us dream about.

    If he didn’t want his picture taken with you then that is his prerogative. He is allowed to go out to see his friend’s and not have to have people in his face 24/7 you know.

    Adam is not a rude person, he is more than happy to try to accommodate people most of the time.

    You are right, he did not know you, and who cares if you could have been a producer, or whatever.

    He was under no obligation to even speak to you. This was a private night out for him.

    Have a think about having people in your face all the time. He has to have time for himself.

    Entitlement ain’t sexy.

    Don’t try to make something out of nothing.

  2. Linda says:

    you sound very entitled re: the picture with Adam Lambert. If you would have searched for him later, he would have taken one with you.

  3. Hanna says:

    As Adam himself said “Entitlement is not sexy.”

  4. Jacki says:

    Are you kidding me? You’re whining about a man asking you to find him later because he had to get the drinks he was carrying to his friends first? You base your whole judgement of him on that one sentence!! You think that entitles you to put him down just because your overly entitled self was refused an immediate photo? He was more concerned about getting the drinks he was holding to his friends than you getting a photo of him. OMG! SO shoot him! What about if EVERYONE wanted to do that? Should he let his friends sit there and stew because he’s so vain he has to stop and let EVERYONE take his photo? This article reads like really bad sour grapes. Grow up. Celebs do NOT have to give you or any other fan a photo every time they are asked to when they are out doing ordinary stuff. You have no right to expect them to. But most of the time they do it anyway – including this guy you are so happily sticking the knife into in this article. The proof of his generous spirit and willingness to let random fans take his photo is all over the net. Maybe YOU need a reminder of how to behave with people, famous or not. And a reminder that just because YOU think you should have a photo of someone doesn’t mean they SHOULD give it to you. You asked he said no. Man up and get over it.

  5. Right then... says:

    Celebs should be allowed to politely decline having their photograph taken. And getting upset about it when they decline, just makes you seem very entitled.

  6. aprilmarie says:

    That was adam lambertt being a gentleman!!! Celebrities deserve downtime also, they are human. I think ppl think that because he is so nice to everyone he has to do what they want. He did say find me later….i would have taken that as i am with my friends being myself right now please let me enjoy myself and said i am sorry, of course, have a good night :)

  7. Bren English says:

    Dear Lindsay Taub,
    Just a heads-up:
    Adam is the most gracious person, the kindest human being and the best ever-ever-ever with his fans. He gives countless hours of his time to hang out and meet fans at every venue and in every situation when he’s touring, when he’s performing, when he’s on the clock, so to speak.

    When he’s at a concert on his own private time, he’s just any other citizen, and intrusions into his private life are not good manners!

    How do you not get it that what you got from his is way more than you could expect?
    He was in his private life, away from performing and promo tours and all of the work he does for his career.

    Understand this: the guy gets to go to his friends’ concerts, visit his friends and family, and go out for dinner with his friends and family without intrusion…that’s called respect for who he is as a human being.

    I’ve seen Adam several times in his private life and I wouldn’t dream of intruding.
    We aren’t friends!
    We aren’t family!
    He’s a singer who I support, and he has no clue who I am, so why in the name of all that is holy would I feel so entitled that I’d expect ANYTHING from him in his private life?

    When Adam IS working, on tour, doing radio promo, on concert circuits, he is the epitome of graciousness and openness with his fans. Just like Brad Paisley and Vintage Trouble, he makes eons of time for his fans and spoils them totally.

    At this concert where you saw him, he was not working! He was just an average guy out to see a show…in his private life.

    Entitlement is not sexy.
    Adam said that ages ago, and as a fan and supporter, I see raging examples of entitlement from people every single day. I hear a hint of entitlement in your review, and that’s not sexy, either.

    How cool that he took the time to talk with you, to recognize and acknowledge you! Glass half full, girl…you got to chat with him! Millions of his fans have never had that opportunity, so you have something precious that 95% of his fans have never had.

    Be grateful for what you received, rather than carping about what you think that you didn’t get.
    Life is short, eat dessert first!

  8. annehedonia says:

    Hummm – I think you were a little hard on Adam. You were, after all, intruding on his private time. He’s known for being pretty much unfailingly accommodating and kind to everyone. Were he at a M&G for a performance, or even stopped on his way exiting a performance venue, I could see it. Try to put yourself in the place of any celeb: don’t they deserve a wee bit of time to enjoy life like everyone else? It would get aggravating being constantly “bugged”. Personally, I wouldn’t do it no matter how much I’d want a pic or an autograph because I respect him.

  9. Ali says:

    WTF. You really expect Adam Lambert to drop everything and attend to you?? Of all the celebrities, he is the nicest and most generous with fans and media. Just ask around–and around the world. For you to have these expectations and actually write about them in this blog is a reflection of your selfishness. I know this won’t get published, but I am just astounded by the entitlement in your voice. Get a life yourself and don’t expect everyone to cater to you.

  10. Melanie says:

    This seems strange. I’ve been to multiple concerts and Adam signed and took pics with fans after each show. There are multiple pictures of him with fans that night at the Wiltern that were all over Twitter. Also, he always takes the time to thank his fans when interviewed. Maybe you caught him in an off moment, but he did ask you to catch him a little later, it seems it was you that expected him to stop and do what you wanted, but weren’t willing to take a little trouble to wait a bit for a pic. It also seems a bit strange to judge someone on one small encounter. I mean, reading this article, I would think that you were a bit pretentious and kind of spoiled, expecting everyone to do exactly what you want, when you want it, not taking into consideration the others person in the exchange. However, I’m sure you’re not those things.

  11. Katy says:

    OMG! A celebrity out with friends on his own time enjoying another peer’s entertainment has the audacity to go about his business getting drinks for his friends and wanting to rush back to enjoy more entertainment with his friends and politely declines taking M&G pics with you that weren’t scheduled or paid for but politely tells you to find him later after the show is over, how bloody rude, huh? I think we can shove him under the carpet as being the worst celebrity ever, how dare he ignore you of all people! lulz That’s it, I’m throwing his amazing CD out the window and never watching his amazing entertainment again!

  12. Carmen Bility says:

    You talk about being in the moment and felt betrayed cause your moment didn’t go as you had wished. Everyone (including celebrities) functions within a given context and their reality might have been so far from yours at that moment that it just didn’t gel. You gotta erase that memory board at each turn and start anew are else you will miss some good stuff, stay open.

  13. Jim says:

    When a person, celeb or not, is out doing personal stuff and you walk up and ask for a picture, you are intruding on their life and invading their privacy. The fact that you ASK if you can take a pic IMPLIES they have a choice. Therefore, if they say no, or if they ask you to get it later, you have NO EXCUSE to be angry about it. Otherwise you are saying they really had NO choice in the matter and it’s YOUR right to take a picture of them no matter what might be going on for them that caused them to NOT WANT YOU TO AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME. You are no better than the rudest paparazzi if you then angrily go off in a blog post about that person exercising what they understood was their choice. What if, for example, his friend back in their seat had been in tears when he left them and he’d promised to be back immediately? Whatever the reason, he had every right to say no, but he didn’t even do that. He simply asked if he could do the picture thing later. Get off your high horse and take a long look at your own behavior buddy coz from where I sit it’s looking pretty ugly.

    • Lies says:

      Yes. THIS so much.

      “The fact that you ASK if you can take a pic IMPLIES they have a choice. Therefore, if they say no, or if they ask you to get it later, you have NO EXCUSE to be angry about it. Otherwise you are saying they really had NO choice in the matter and it’s YOUR right to take a picture of them no matter what might be going on for them that caused them to NOT WANT YOU TO AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME. You are no better than the rudest paparazzi if you then angrily go off in a blog post about that person exercising what they understood was their choice.”

  14. areyouforreal? says:

    LOL what kind of asshole are you? Adam Lambert on a night off watching his good friends Vintage Trouble, stops and chats to you, jokes with you and agrees to a photograph when he has had a chance to put the drinks down and that’s not good enough because you have to do a bit of work and go find him (two rows in front of you?) You expect him to drop everything (including the drinks apparently) and meet your demands immediately and because he doesn’t do that you take to trashing him n the internet? Get a grip. You are just another hater. I hope your glambert friend had the balls to tell you who the REAL asshole was in this situation and it wasn’t the guy in the black hat.

  15. Rhonda says:

    The one thing that EVERYONE who has ever met Adam Lambert always says is what a nice, humble, genuine, & gracious person he is. Just because he didn’t stop to take a picture with you, when he was out enjoying his personal life, doesn’t make him a jerk. The fact that you seem to think that you are entitled for him to jump through hoops for you, just because you might be “someone important” is ridiculous. All celebrities are allowed to have a night off & just enjoy being with their family & friends. I have NEVER heard anyone ever say Adam was rude to anyone, in any way. He stopped and chatted with you, but because YOU didn’t get everything YOU wanted, he’s the bad guy? Wrong. You are. Shame on you for thinking he owes you anything. He gave you more than he had too. Why don’t you ask Vintage Trouble about what kind of guy Adam is? They are all close friends. I’m sure they will be quick to enlighten you. Stop being so entitled just because you write some online blog. Maybe a lesson for you: Entitlement is not sexy.

  16. Sue Bullock says:

    I feel the need to comment regarding Adam Lambert. I feel you are being unfair to him. He wasn’t rude-he stopped, chatted briefly & even joked with you about your friend. Also, he didn’t refuse to take a photo with you, he simply asked you to find him later. If I know Adam, I bet he would have taken the photo, signed an autograph & maybe said “Hello” to your friend via a video clip on your phone. I understand that your David Copperfield experience still hurts, but please don’t lump Adam with him. Adam is humble, gracious, kind, altruistic, honest, genuine & more. He often comes out to the barricades after a show to meet fans & stays there to meet them all. He does M&G often and chats with his fans on Twitter all the time. He loves & appreciates his fans & tells them that. I have met him (by chance)& he was wonderful. He stayed out in a dark street, late at night in DC after a show until every fan, who had lurked there hoping he would come out, had met him, got a photo & autograph.
    It is a real shame you didn’t go find him later as he asked you to. Knowing him, he probably looked for you later on & was surprised you didn’t come find him.


  17. Shelby says:

    Ha ha, are you afraid to post all these comments? I don’t think you realize what you just did. You’ve just slandered someone who’s known to be one of the sweetest, nicest most generous celebs in the business. The Glamberts will not be happy and will defend his honor. By the way, why are you being so petty? Why didn’t you just go and find Adam later as he suggested? Too much trouble for you? I’m sure he would have been happy to give you your picture. Adam’s ACTUAL fans wait in line for hours to see him in concert, they know his character and how much he gives to his fans in meet and greets and on stage. I’m afraid they won’t sympathize with you. And I bet if your friend is the fan you say she is, she would not be happy with your characterization either. Cheers!

  18. Leigh says:

    Sorry you were disappointed in this instance, Lindsay, but, since Lambert is known for his courtesy, consideration, and patience with fans, think there must have been something else going on. He DID stop and chat with you – perhaps just didn’t want a pic with a beer in each hand (can understand that – imagine if you had put that up – lol). I’m sure if you had met later in less rushed circumstances, you would have gotten your pic.

  19. Nonny says:

    How Not to be Entitled 101: I think your comparison of being ignored at age six and only getting part of what you wanted from Adam Lambert is lacking. I also heard a little bit of, he doesn’t know who I am, as if you’re very important but his private time isn’t. You sound entitled, like he should drop everything for you and everyone else always. He sure does what you admire so much at all his concerts and other appearances. He’s very nice, very gracious, very real and a real mensch especially by Hollywood standards.

    Sounds like you projected the six year old you onto Adam Lambert. I’ve lived in Hollywood in the past and celebrities are everywhere. That doesn’t mean I would ever interrupt them or invade their privacy. I usually nodded at them to acknowledge them and they nicely nodded back acknowledging me. I think you know that but you’re still willing to trash Adam because ~important you didn’t get what you wanted. It would have been different if that happened at an appearance but it didn’t. Sounds like he was nice to you, spoke to you and then wanted to move on to his friends, his own private evening.

    Perhaps you can learn something from this experience. I hope so and I hope you’ll get over yourself and the obvious entitlement and desire to have access to a celebrity whenever you feel like it. It’s like being six and being rather rude.



  20. susan smith says:

    Are you kidding me? What makes you entitled to get a photo or an autograph? He was holding 2 beers! You were only 5 rows away! You could have easily gone up to him after the show. This is nonsense and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Ridiculous says:

      No, she was only TWO rows behind him:

      ““That’s Adam Lambert,” pointing to a guy sitting two rows in front of us.”

      Which means she could’ve easily caught him afterwards like he asked her to, but instead she choose to whine about it.

  21. Ridiculous says:

    Really? Your comparisons are completely ridiculous. Comparing your encounters of David Copperfield and Adam Lambert (both of whom were not working that day and were just enjoying their personal time off) to that of other celebrities who had SCHEDULED appearances/performances that day and so were SUPPOSE to meet with fans???

    C/P relevant parts below just to show how ridiculous you sound:

    “But some do it gracefully, like Taylor Swift for example, who has reportedly spent more than 12 hours signing autographs and taking photos until every last fan who wants one gets one”

    “Oh and by the way — after the show, who stayed to meet and greet and take photos and chat with every single fan who stopped by? Vintage Trouble.”

    ““Thank you!” McCreery said halfway through his 30-minute set, remembering his fondness for the town that he “spent some time in” during his Idol days. “Thanks to you, I get to come out here and live my dream every night!” ”

    “Brad Paisley visits fans in the “drinking section” at Hollywood Bowl [during his performace]”

    “So the lesson here is simple. If you have any kind of notoriety and a fan (or friend of a fan) approaches you, take a moment and take the photo. Be nice. Be humble. Be appreciative. Take a cue from the likes of Scotty McCreery and Brad Paisley ”


    “I had seen David Copperfield‘s magic show the night before so when I saw him sauntering around the pool in his purple velvet robe”

    “So my friend and I walked to the lobby of the theatre to get a drink. As if perfectly timed, Lambert was walking our way.”

  22. Karen says:

    Adam drank beer! Unf! Sexy!!

  23. Lindsay Taub says:

    Thank you all for all your comments. I appreciate hearing that most of you have had positive experiences meeting Adam Lambert. I’m sorry to hear that my experience came across as entitlement. Certainly not my intention. But I am entitled to my opinion and to share my feelings, whether it upsets his fans or is judged as unfair. The truth of the matter is that you weren’t there and what I left out above was the attitude that came along with the “find me later” – I was compelled to write about it because I found it personally insulting, it went against everything I had ever heard of him, and the interaction was disappointing. If that makes me an asshole with a sense of entitlement, so be it. We all have egos and insecurities and this one instance tapped into mine. I completely understand and am very sympathetic, as I said, to the challenges of being a well-known celebrity who gets hounded all the time and wants to enjoy a private night among friends which is why I rarely, if ever, go up to a celebrity when I see one. This time was driven by my – yes, selfish – desire to send a photo to a dear friend who’s a huge fan, and who yes, was disappointed to hear what happened. That said, I had every intention of finding Adam after the show to try again, as many of you suggested, but when the lights came up, he was already gone. I respect his talent, I respect his journey, I admire his using his platform to raise awareness and break down the shameful barriers and prejudice the GLBT community faces, I enjoy his music, and I do believe that perhaps I caught him at a bad time. I would be more than happy to go back on my words should a more positive experience replace the one I had. If you all would like to send me YOUR stories and photos of meeting Adam, I would be more than happy to share and post them for our readers.

    • Will says:

      back peddling won’t help and if you were any kind of journalist you would have mentioned his attitude instead this article misleads us, and you change up the story.

    • Leigh says:

      What attitude? You never mentioned attitude. Lambert “personally insulted” you? What does that mean? Was he nasty or dismissive? Appears you’re “compelled” to reply to the posts here because you made yourself and your column look ridiculous, dissing a guy noted for his kindness and courtesy.

    • Tim says:

      How about you try catching him after one of his shows or at a scheduled meet and greet?

      Then, you can properly compare him to your experience with ‘the likes of Scotty McCreery and Brad Paisley.’

      That’s a better comparison than randomly stumbling into him in the lobby where he was busy returning to his seat after purchasing beers for his friend…who is probably waiting for Adam, who politely took some of his personal time off to engage in a little chit-chat with you.

    • Red says:

      What? You admit it tapped into your insecurities and that you may have caught him at a bad time and that it went against everything you have heard about him. But you still wrote about it. And now you are tossing out he had attitude with you? And you will “go back on my words should a more positive experience replace the one I had.” LOL, thanks for the laughs.

    • Alice says:

      If you were personally insulted by this, you should probably consider getting a thicker skin in life. By your own original account, he did take some time to speak with you. He didn’t just brush you off. But he was there to see a show and be respectful of the performers, not be the show.

      And comparing his interaction with you with the interaction of a band and fans that had paid to see him at that event, or how a singer interacts with their fans during a scheduled appearance especially doesn’t make sense. It may be disappointing to not get what you want, but throwing a long winded pretentious temper tantrum just makes you sound like a spoiled brat.

  24. Will says:

    Hey Taub, looks like eveyone here gets it except you. Adam is and always will he known for his class and compassion for his fans, he talked with you, and instead of finding out from him why he didn’t want a photo right then and there you take into your own head as being slighted.Says alot about your defensive behavior. Omg grow up. Your little selfish reality stinks of entitlement. Looks like your whining article backfired.. you should be ashamed of your greediness. Will never read or follow you again because of what you did. There, how does that feel, since you did not fit into my reality Iam throwing a little temper tantrum like you and dissing you. Grow up.

  25. Bridget says:

    Not to pile on, BUT . . .

    The fact that your friend didn’t get a picture is on YOU, not Adam Lambert. Adam invited you to find him and take it after the show – but you couldn’t be bothered. (Why? Busy with other plans? Like Adam was when you stopped him . . .)

    I don’t know, but I think Adam was WITH friends, seeing a show STARRING friends, and that you could actually learn something about supporting friends from him. Your friend wasn’t “worth” you “humbling” yourself to wait until after the show to get a picture of Adam Lambert?

    I admire Adam all the more for drawing the lines where and when he does, respecting and protecting the time he is with friends and family.

  26. Bridget says:

    Well, now I’m confused.

    He had “attitude” . . . while talking and joking with you? Or just after the picture request?

    And you had “every intention of finding Adam after the show to try again,” but you wrote: “Come find you later? Are you serious? No shank you.”

    That doesn’t compute.

  27. Shaunna says:

    It really is too bad the current level of entitlement among individuals when it comes to feeling it’s their right to intrude with celebrities.

    I was raised in L.A. and my parents worked in the Industry. I was also taught from a very young age to refrain from intruding on anyone recognizably famous (in fact the deadpan to mask recognition is automatic) when they are out and about living their lives, as it is rude and intrusive.

    Current tabloid mentality combined with technology and that obnoxious sense of entitlement makes for snarky articles like this one.

  28. Leslie says:

    Lindsay, I think part of the issue is that all the wonderful performers you mentioned were doing just that, performing! I can pretty much guarantee that any one of them has had a similar reaction at some point, if not more often, when approached by a fan. That’s the unfairness of this article.

    And I do understand the Copperfield incident because I personally saw David Lee Roth brush away a 10-year old asking for an autograph as he was leaving a restaurant. Not that Adam doesn’t have his off days, too, but I don’t think this situation compares at all, based on what you’ve told us.

  29. hypatia127 says:

    It seems striking to me that you did not say to Adam that YOU were a fan of his, but wanted a photo for someone else! He talked with you even though you did not even present yourself as a fan. I agree with all of the above well-expressed comments about your undeserved sense of entitlement, but you cannot compare your experience as a random stranger making demands on Adam in his private time to performers responding to their FANS. Surely the fact you made clear that it was someone else who was his fan must have had an effect on Adam’s response to you. I think you were lucky to have him invite you to “find him later” for a photo. It was a lot more than he owed you. If you cared enough, you would have found him. I’m sure he realized that in postponing the photo op.

  30. Leah says:

    I believe this was fron the same night you chatted with Adam.

    Georgie Nichols @boigeorgie
    @adamlambert Happy Halloween Adam! Thx 4 taking the time to take a pic w/ me! Ur a huge inspiration, album= EVERYTHING♥ pic.twitter.com/eBpKy5Rv

  31. Bren English says:

    Ohhhhh, my.
    You’ve just bitten your own ass, my dear.
    I feel a life lesson coming up for you, karma being what it is.

    I’ve met Adam several times. I have also been part of creating several special events for him, so I’ve been blessed with very positive exchanges with him. I have no intention of responding to your request for my ‘stories’ and my photos of Adam and I…that’s only providing grist for your next article, and I’m afraid, after reading how you trashed this lovely man for being kind and decent to you, I wouldn’t trust you to write any article about my ‘meetings’ with Adam in any kind of positive vein.

    Here’s how it feels from the other side of the equation ~
    My son is in the same industry as Adam, and I’ve been out with him at concerts and shows, at lunches and dinners when I’ve literally been physically pushed out of the way by entitled people rushing him to get a photo, an autograph, and mostly to TOUCH him, for crikey’s sake!
    Boundaries. Get some, people.

    So I totally get what you were asking of Adam and I even more totally get why he responded to you as decently as he did. I’ve been ‘in the way’ of many people whose entire focus was to ‘get’ something from a celebrity, and I truly dislike being treated like someone’s left-over take-out! It’s very disrespectful.

    My son dislikes being thought of as someone’s private entertainment when he is not working….read: in his private life’s moments… and he is far less polite than Adam was with you, so hopefully, you won’t run into him when he’s out on the town in LA, because he’ll let you know just how little he appreciates any sense of an entitled attitude.

    I’m sorry that you had what you felt was a less than pleasant moment with Mr. Lambert. I hope that you can, in the future, look with more grace and tolerance on your encounters with celebrities when they are out and about in their private moments.

    Perhaps, some day you also will find yourself in the same position in which you placed Adam, and then you may understand how unfair you’ve been to him.

  32. DJ says:

    Wow……a what a sense of self entitlement! Why in the world do you think anyone owes you a picture? You are a complete stranger not even a fan. People like you can be very tiresome to a celebrity. Those who think because someone is in the public eye they need to stop and make small talk, sign autographs or have a pic taken just because it was demanded of them. Heaven forbid they simply are busy, in a rush or simply just don’t feel like it. It’s interesting too that same self entitled people would not take kindly to strangers simply snapping their pic.

  33. Whatever says:

    Give up. What you are dealing with is a fanbase of 50+ female fans who will excuse any and all bad behavior.
    I’ve seen him do the same thing to others as you described.
    He sold 77K copies of Trespassing.
    He’s slowly fizzling away.
    He will be begging for fans some day…

    • Leigh says:

      “I’ve seen him do the same thing to others (plural)” – places, dates, names, please.

    • Tim says:

      We’re not excusing his behavior, if it was in fact bad. We are arguing against her bias reporting if you’ve read the comments above.

      In a similar situation, Scotty has acted similarly dismissive. But she is comparing Scotty (and others’) SCHEDULED performances to a random encounter Adam had with a non-fan. Plus, she can’t keep her story straight:

      “The truth of the matter is that you weren’t there and what I left out above was the attitude that came along with the “find me later” – I was compelled to write about it because I found it personally insulting, it went against everything I had ever heard of him, and the interaction was disappointing. ”

      -If that was why she felt compelled to write, than why leave out this IMPORTANT fact? She’s misleading people.

      In her comment above:
      “I had every intention of finding Adam after the show to try again, as many of you suggested, but when the lights came up, he was already gone.”

      In the article:
      “Come find you later? Are you serious? No shank you.”

      What’s to trust if she can’t even keep her facts straight?

    • Red says:

      Yet you care enough to show up and leave a comment. LOL.

    • Netmeg99 says:

      OMG!!! GIVE IT UP!!

    • Leah says:

      Oh hai there Idolbert. I know it hurts that your ~idol didn’t sell 77K +1 copies of their album but LOL…you do realize you are here reading an article/leaving a comment about someone you obviously aren’t a fan of? Adam is a hoopla magnet and that is why he will be around for many years to come.

      And 50+? LOL no.

    • Leslie says:

      LOL Whatever at 12:05….Trespassing has sold far more than that. It debuted at #1 in the Billboard 200 at 77K copies. If you look at actual debut numbers of all but maybe the top 5 acts, their new albums have all debuted at about a 1/3 of their previous album’s sales…the nature of the business today.

      And, he’s not fizzling, darling, he’s huge worldwide and only getting bigger. Example: He just did The Voice finale in China with an audience of 500 million people…yes, that’s 1/2 a billion, the first westerner to ever be invited. And, 6 sold-out shows with Queen in Europe, hopefully more to come. Get over your hate, sweetie.

  34. Glenda says:

    I have personally met BOTH Adam Lambert AND David Copperfield and I can tell you that David is, IMO,a totally conceited JERK who let us wait to get his autograph for over 90 minutes in the freezing cold winter after his show – only for him to NOT EVEN LOOK UP AT US when he was signing the photographs we had purchased!!! I was so upset I literally ripped up the photograph in front of him, not that the snot noticed it. His conduct was appalling! Contrast that with the 3 encounters I’ve been lucky to have with Adam Lambert, all of which have all been pleasant, sweet, and very polite. You’re WAY off base, Lyndsey – you come off sounding like a spoiled, inconsiderate person – especially when he was nice enough to converse & joke with you in the first place, and he OFFERED for you to catch up with him later for a photo -something he didn’t have to do at all! You do realize he’s VERY close friends with Ty, lead singer of Vintage Trouble, right?? I’m sure he didn’t want to miss any of their show.

  35. Laura Lee says:

    Listen all u haters, Adam Lambert is nothing wout fans and if he has forgotten that every vote from fans got him there, he won’t remain famous very much longer. Yes it’s a pain as a celeb to be pestered for pics/autographs everytime u go out, but that is the price (part of job) for fame, wealth, perks etc.

    • LOL says:

      yes, you’re absolutely right, there are no supremely famous assholes in show business. only the kindest and most accommodating people are megastars and all of the sweetest people in the world are the only ones with any success, regardless of the product they put out.

      this is such a hilariously weak argument that only gets pulled out when spoiled children don’t get what they want and want to feel like their threat has weight behind it.

    • Lies says:

      Name me ONE celeb who hasn’t acted like Adam has (or worst) to a non-fan during their personal time off?

      The fact is, he was obviously inconvenienced about it (holding 2 glasses of beers and rushing to his seat) but he made time to chat with you. The rest is your projection and bias.

  36. Heather says:

    It’s really sweet that Adam Lambert has so much support, as evidenced right here in the comments section. I’m sure he is deserving of the fervent support, and yes, he is very talented. HOWEVER, sometimes a spade has to be called a spade. In this instance, Adam was unreasonably unfriendly to a well meaning person. Was he a jerk? No. But, he was unaccomodating in the given situation, and the words he used, “find me later” do not leave a good impression. He strikes me as someone who is only friendly to the “Somebodies”, but blase towards the commoners, or “nobodies”. Like Donald Trump! Okay, never met the guy so can’t really say that,lol.

    • Leigh says:

      Yes – you’ve never met the man, but you have an opinion. That really makes sense. I’ve met him a number of times and he left an excellent impression – a gentleman to the core.

      And I’m not Donald Trump.

    • Lisa says:

      hey there Heather,
      I am one of those nobodies. Never did I think I would get a minute or even 5 minutes of Adams time.. in a busy security area of an airport. I couldnt even think well enough to ask for a pic or an autograph.. but he gave me his time.. for which I am forever grateful.. and when he left me with his band.. he remained incognito… entitlement isnt sexy and I never thought I would have the interaction I did. Adam is generous with his time when he can be..

      You should have kept an eye out for him later and got his photo then.. I bet he would have.

  37. tt says:

    You mentioned Scotty McCrerry. I can tell you that at the two Idol season 10 concerts I attended, Scotty came out with 10 minutes left to board the buses and ran down half of the line and signed a few autographs. He refused to take even one picture with anyone both times.He barely looked up, smiled or even acknowledged all those fans who had been waiting for two hours to see him. At both the shows,the other Idols had been out at the buses for over an hour to 90 minutes, signing and taking pictures with anyone and everyone.

    Scotty also refused to do an interview with a well known radio personality after he found out he was gay. He and his mommy showed up for the interview, but left when they found out the man was gay.

  38. I was there too says:

    I feel really bad for you Lindsay. You have commited the ultimate sin! You have insulted Adam Lambert. Heaven help you. His fans are the most insane (passionate)dilusional people I have ever come into contact with. They will defend him to the end, no matter what he does. All I will say is that I was there too and encountered the same RUDE Adam. I didnt go up to him, I didnt ask him for a picture. All I did was say hi to him as he walked a foot away from me. His attitude was appalling. To all those people who werent there, have never met Adam on his “own time” (whatever that means for a celebrity)you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Leigh says:

      Yeah, sure.

    • Will says:

      my my how hypocritical, and your prejudice is showing ,you were there, and you judged Adam,based on a walk by, yet didn’t say what was so appalling??what did he do, hmm.. so you say, you were there….lol good for you, yet you paint all Adam fans as delusional (a word you cannot even spell right) have you met them all? were you there? lol…no….. and if you could read, many have met Adam on his own time and have had good experiences with that, so sorry you had such bad experience. I have met many many Adam fans, and have found them to be the most genuine loving people. Have made many new friends that have lasted years. Yes, every celeb does have some nutty fans, so the same can be said of every celebs fans… come on, to single out one group is rather delusional…LOL

  39. eme says:

    I met Adam, when he was on tour with the Idol kids a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t say he was “unfriendly”, but he seemed the least genuine of all the other singers. Or maybe its just that I can spot a fake smile when I see one.

    • Leigh says:

      I saw him on tour and many other times. The one thing he’s noted for is being genuine and not a phoney.

    • KRW says:

      I met Adam at an idol concert in Dallas. He was definitely tone of the nicest ones there. Signed tons of articles, took pictures and talked to everyone. I too can spot a fake and those were Matt and Danny. Lil was not pleasant either, but I think that was because my neice asked her when Adam was coming out. So I will give her a pass. Adam was genuinely nice.

    • TG says:

      Cool story eme. My cousin Danny shared the same house with Adam before he got famous, and I got to meet him once. ‘Adam I have to say was nice, but to me it felt kind of fake but that just MHO.’ So I agree with you here.

      I once printed out an embarrassing photo of him in green body paint and asked my cousin to get him to sign it. ‘Adam was supper P.O.ed when he saw it his voice went all high pitched and he said “What the F***!” “where did you get this” Danny is all like just sign it. Adam said “You owe me for this!” LOL! My dad and I just laugh all night long about it, I thought he would be proud of the picture… i guess not…’

      Then I shared those photos on facebook so my friends and family could make fun of Adam behind his back. LOL It was soo funny. So yeah, he didn’t seem very nice when I met him either, kinda fake. Not sure what I did to trigger it.

      • eme says:

        Hey ! I think I actually saw those photos on your facebook awhile ago. I found it through an ai lj group, posters there were talking about your encounter. I thought Adam’s reaction to seeing his photo was funny. and I’m sure you did nothing to trigger the fakeness….fake people are fake without any help.

      • Leigh says:

        Yes, TG – remember you and your rather rotund family – and remember someone saying the only way Anoop would go near Danny’s cousin is with a harpoon. The fakes were you and your family – pretending to be nice and then stabbing him behind the back. Danny still pitching eyeglasses, I guess. Such a tacky bunch.

      • indigo says:

        Wow what a bunch of ill mannered family to make fun of a person behind their back after asking for an Autograph and posting on facebook to make fun of said person. you are not sure what u did to trigger it? read this paragraph you wrote….”Then I shared those photos on facebook so my friends and family could make fun of Adam behind his back. LOL It was soo funny. So yeah, he didn’t seem very nice when I met him either, kinda fake. Not sure what I did to trigger it”. Does this seem like a nice persons writing?Doing? Karma Is A BItch..

  40. Leigh says:

    Are you going to continue to allow free discussion here, Lindsay, as long as the poster is civil? Or will you continue to delete posts because you don’t like them?

  41. CWM says:

    Lindsay – you asked for our stories of meeting Adam. Ok, I have one. I have had the great good fortune of meeting Adam on two different occasions – once when he was “working” and once when he was “on his own time.” On both occasions, he was gracious, polite, kind, and sweet. The first occasion was after a show on the Glam Nation Tour, in which he came out and patiently made his way down the line of all the fans who had waited, interacting with every single one of us, giving out autographs, hugs, smiles, and pictures. I got an autograph and a hug from him, and he was sweet, attentive, genuine, and grateful with me. It was a lovely moment.

    The second time I met him was just recently, when I saw him – on his own time, in “real life” – at the airport the day after one of his shows. We were both on the same flight. I approached him at the airport politely, quietly, and respectfully, and he was very kind, sweet, and gracious with me. We chatted a bit and he gave me an autograph, a hug, sweet smiles, and thank you’s, even though he admitted during our chat that he was tired. I would have personally loved to have gotten a picture with him, but I decided not to ask for one because I was aware that I was interrupting him in “real life,” taking a photo felt like it would have been intrusive given the circumstances, and my respect for him and his privacy (and his fatigue) was more important than my desire for a photo. The chat, autograph, smiles, and hug were quite enough, and I cherish the interaction.

    Yes, Lindsay, you are entitled to your opinion, but to be honest, your story – the events as reported and your interpretation of those events – say as much or more about you than they do about Adam. First, you could have looked at the situation as glass half full rather than glass half empty. Rather than focusing on the fact that you didn’t get a picture to send your friend, you could have focused on the fact that you got a chance to chat with him on your friend’s behalf and he asked you to pass along a message of “thanks” to her. You could have excitedly told her about your joking around with him and his personal message to her, and she could have appreciated the specialness of that message. But instead you focused entirely on the fact that he didn’t give you a photo. So now, instead of giving your friend a reason to feel excited and grateful for what did happen, you focused your friend on disappointment for what didn’t happen.

    Second, you might try giving people the benefit of the doubt and taking some personal responsibility for your own reactions. You say that you respect Adam and his position as an in-demand celebrity, that you’ve heard good things about him, and you admit that “perhaps I caught him at a bad time.” But then you come here and write a disparaging blog post insinuating that he is some arrogant celebrity who doesn’t care about and has no time for his fans, based on a brief interaction during his personal down time with friends when you apparently caught him at a bad time for picture taking. Really?? You caught him at a time when he was running an errand for friends, had his hands full with two beers, was in a bit of a rush, and preferred to not have his picture taken at that moment. That’s his prerogative. He’s a human being. He is allowed to say no, although he rarely does. But you decided that your desire for a photo was more important than respect for his privacy, his wishes, and his priorities in that moment. To write an entire story comparing Adam’s “caught-him-at-a-bad-time-for-a-picture” moment as a private citizen to other musicians’ interactions with fans while they are working during or after shows is disingenuous and is like comparing apples to oranges. Next time, try comparing apples to apples. Adam is extremely well-regarded by fans, fellow musicians, and media people alike for being humble, gracious, grateful, grounded, kind, and friendly. He is also a human being, with ups and downs and limitations and imperfections. And he is honest, and if he said it wasn’t a good time for a photo, it wasn’t a good time for a photo. Period. Deal with it.

    Peace out.

  42. I was there too says:

    I knew what I had to say would fall on deaf ears. It was expected. Sorry for my horendous spelling. Does that really matter? Im not a writer and dont claim to be. Im not going to go into detail about what happened specifically and you can take that anyway you want. All I can tell you is Ive met him several times both when he was working and when he was on his “own” time (all of which were random meetings). He has been nice to me. But my point for replying to this in particular was that THAT night he was NOT nice and this is not the 1st time Ive experienced this. Also, sorry for clumping ALL fans into one group. That was probably not entirely true. Being a former fan, I have met both very nice normal people that like him, and the very cray of the cray and a few in between. But the one thing a lot of the dedicated fans (which of whom I was speaking)is that they are very much addicted to Adam. Any addiction comes with severe consiquences. In this case some pretty intense behavior. Anyone inside the fandom can not tell me Im lying about this. I had 2 friends with me that night who loved Adam. And although Adam actually spoke to me, he wouldnt even acknowledge them. I felt so bad because I know they really like him. Not so much anymore. I am obviously leaving out a lot of imformation, purposely to remain annonymous. And again, I know this will mean nothing to the “addicted” fans. Oh and to those who have just met Adam in a “meet and greet” or an interview or anything preplanned formal working atmosphere, THAT is not his “true self”. Obviously, just like the rest of us, he probably gets into moods, just doesnt want to be bothered. But as Lindsay said, just one rude encounter with a celeb leaves a lasting impression. He was not the only celeb there that night. Booker T was there and mingling and taking pics with people. Maybe not as current and relevant, but still a celeb none the less. Thank you Lindsay for bringing this to light. I had been trying to tell my friend about Adams “real” personality for over a year. She gets it now.

    • Lies says:

      and you don’t have to hide, we know it’s you Jo.

    • Will says:

      so sorry you feel this way, it is all how one perceives things and chooses to view things based on there own experiences which color ones perceptions. I imagine many celebs have done this to some fans, and no one knows what is going on with that celeb at that time so the fan takes things personally, it is a human trait we all share. It is hard for most to take the high road and be forgiving of anothers faults. Yet we constantly judge one another without understanding each other. I find it sad to base one encounter to be so judgemental. I wonder how the judger feels if the tables were turned and to be judged so harshly for being human and not living up to expectations from their own mind. sorry you can not tell me you know him from some encounters. you have put yourself out there yet offer no real information to remain anonymous which is so predictable of a judger. Love and Light to you.

    • CWM says:

      “I was there too,” I’m sorry that you and your friends have had occasional disappointing encounters with Adam during his personal time. I can see why it would be disappointing if he didn’t respond the way you (or they) expected him to. But your occasional (dare I say rare) disappointing encounters do not negate the much more numerous tweets and reports about very positive encounters that people have with him all the time in his off time (at airports, restaurants, other artists’ shows, etc.), including my own that I described above. Nor do your encounters define his “real personality.” They simply round him out as a human being, with some foibles and flaws and lighter moments and darker moments, just like the rest of us. Actually, it appears that he wasn’t dismissive to every fan he encountered that night at the Wiltern, given this tweet from the same event:

      Georgie Nichols @boigeorgie
      @adamlambert Happy Halloween Adam! Thx 4 taking the time to take a pic w/ me! Ur a huge inspiration, album= EVERYTHING♥ pic.twitter.com/eBpKy5Rv

      Adam has made it clear that it’s important for his sanity to be able to do normal stuff in his personal life without always being treated like a celebrity. I guess that means sometimes drawing boundaries around fan encounters when he’s not working, if he’s not feeling up to it or has other priorities at that moment. Thanks for reminding us that he’s a human being, with all of the ups and downs and limitations and imperfections that come with being human. I understand that you don’t want to be judged, and I’m not judging you. But I’m also not going to judge Adam, either, for occasionally trying to draw some boundaries around his personal time.

    • Leigh says:

      Changing your story, too. Previous post you said you just said “Hi” to him – now it’s he actually spoke to you. You and Lindsay should get your acts together.

    • Lies says:

      4:19 am: ” I didnt go up to him, I didnt ask him for a picture. All I did was say hi to him as he walked a foot away from me.”

      6:29 pm: “I had 2 friends with me that night who loved Adam. And although Adam actually spoke to me, he wouldnt even acknowledge them.”

      So did he walk away or did he actually speak to you?

      “I am obviously leaving out a lot of imformation, purposely to remain annonymous.”

      Obviously…do you mind sharing the reason he is avoiding you? I mean, could he feel uncomfortable and prefers privacy?

  43. I was there too says:

    Im not basing my opinion on one experience. I forgave several times. I cant anymore. I did not take what Adam did personally, but my friend did. its only natural that she would. I did when it happened to me for the 1st time too. But then I realized that its just his personality. If he doesnt want to be bothered, he makes it really obvious. But the bad thing about that is, sometimes you dont know until you say something to him. Sometimes hes nice and sometimes hes not. Its frustrating to say the least and Ive just had enough. This was the 1st time I even tried to say something to him in almost 2 years, even tho Ive seen him during that period. The circumstance and environment didnt seem appropriate, but that night it did. But evidently I was wrong. oops sorry. I have been attacked in the fandom before and is why I didnt really want to say who I am. If you think you know then good for you. And I have been judged without people knowing me as well. But Im not a celebrity nor do I want to be one.

    • My 2 Cents says:

      Sigh… we all have different experiences with the guy. Some good..some not so much. I liked him too. But I have had some experiences that turned me completely off. (And they are none of your damn business) His behavior sometimes is quite bizarre and he thinks he’s Mr Wonderful…FYI..He’s not.

      • hypatia127 says:

        I have never seen or heard of any evidence that he “thinks he’s Mr. Wonderful”. He’s astonishingly humble, in fact.

    • hypatia127 says:

      “Attacked in the fandom” ? – what a strange thing to say without saying what you were attacked for. I suspect it was for being overly “familiar” with Adam and accosting him in his private time with friends. Showing up too often where he was known to be. Perhaps that is why he has not responded positively to you, which seems quite reasonable to me. If he “doesn’t want to be bothered”, why shouldn’t he make that obvious ? Seems to me that is the kindest thing for him to do if he hopes to have any unmolested moments when out with his friend.

  44. Will says:

    again I am sorry for you and how obviously let down you feel.You say it’s for your friends which I can understand, you love them, but you make it clear how you write that is has affected you on a personal level. I don’t think there is a person on this planet that is nice, then maybe not so nice at times frustrating those around them. Iam sure I do it and so do you. Yet we seem to set up our expectations of someone else and not allow them the same.I am really sorry you feel attacked, not my intention but then this is how you perceive people who disagree with you or offer their opinions, and maybe some not in the most diplomatic or kind ways. It creates a victim mentality, which is not a criticism, but an observation. Obviously you feel you have been ill treated so then stay away from any topics about Adam or his fans. Why subject yourself to more pain? Move onto something that gives you happiness.

  45. I was there too says:

    Oh lol, Will. Now you are projecting some personal feeling onto me. I never said i felt attacked. And I am not spending any energy thinking about Adam, believe me. I have plenty of other wonderful things in my life to keep me happy. I was disappointed the 1st time I was treated that way by Adam. I liked him a lot. It did feel personal at the time. But its been a long time now, and im quite over it. I have stayed away from this fandom for a reason. And the reason is that people are so judgemental. Let me just try and clarify what i mean by “not nice” Its as Lindsay tried to describe. its his whole body language and the WAY he acts that makes you feel like you’ve committed some sin by opening your mouth. I came on here because I wanted to just let people know that Lindsay was not lying and that I understood her experience. Its probably not going to be very productive for me to leave any more comments, so this is my last one.

    • lil says:

      I understand that people can make you ‘feel’ a certain way…lesser. Usually, people end up avoiding that person, move on and dont obsess over it. They dont go off writing a bias article a week after the incident full of entitlement.

      For you, I have no problems with YOUR feelings if that’s the way you saw the situation (and that’s probably why people overlooked your comment). Im glad you dont obsesses over it. Cheers. :)

    • Lies says:

      Please, the topic wasn’t Adam’s rudeness. For all I care, Adam may have in fact had an attitude. I wasn’t there and I’m sure it’s factual (as is your experience with him).

      I understand not everyone likes him, and he can’t please everybody. But the issue in the article above (and the complaints in most the comments) was her unfairness and bias in the article (comparing paid concert appearance with rushed lobby encounter). Not to mention changing the story about going/not going.

    • Waves says:

      In response to “I was there Too”. I think he reacts this way to his stalkers!

  46. Will says:

    sorry, but you said “I have been attacked in the fandom before and is why I didnt really want to say who I am.” so you obviously felt you were , to say that. Do you say what you don’t mean? Yes, people are judgemental,even you, yet I don’t think you see it.In the dark you see little, how can you judge another, when you do not understand another. anyway, good luck to you.

  47. CWM says:

    Sorry, I meant for my 10:08pm reply to “I was there too” to appear here, rather than five posts up. I intended my reply as a response to all of his/her posts. Please refer to my post at 10:08pm above.

  48. Nonny says:

    OIC that quite a few posts have been deleted. Polite posts, just not agreeing with your complaint. Would you care to tell us why? Not that I think you will post this, but what was so offensive about being polite. I think you just want more posts that diss Adam.

  49. Leigh says:

    “Come find you later? Are you serious? No shank you.” (Lindsay’s article.)

    “That said, I had every intention of finding Adam after the show to try again.” (Lindsay’s after-the-article post).

    Lindsay still hasn’t explained these diametrically opposite statements.

    I asked her previously, but my question was expunged.

    No doubt this one will be, too.

  50. Leigh says:


    “Adam Lambert Fans Rightfully Rise Up Against Complaining Wiltern Journalist”

    • Bren English says:

      WARNING: Sarcasm ahead. Read at your own risk. Take with a grain of salt.

      This blog post threatened to separate Adam’s heart from his chest because he didn’t drop everything…2 beer…and stand in for a photo op for Ms. Taub.

      Shame, M’sieur Lamber’!!!
      Don’t you know that you owe the world everything, including your last drop of blood and the last breath that you take? After all, You are an ENTERTAINER and we OWN you! Has no one told you that, yet?

      How ridiculous that sounds, right?
      But, that’s what I hear from people who have such negative comments to make…he owes you because you own him somehow!

      News flash! He owes you nothing, except a good show when you’ve paid for your ticket, and a good album when you’ve paid for new music.
      End of discussion.

      He owes us nothing other than that, and I don’t expect anything from him at all, no matter how many times I’ve met him.

      On any day, I’m in a rippin’ good mood and a joy to be around, unless someone has stepped on my toes. Then, I stand up, speak out, set a healthy boundary, draw a line firmly in the sand and disallow any more negative, toxic behaviour in my presence. I’m basically saying, “Get off my toes! Back up!” That’s called taking care of myself.

      Adam’s a very healthy human being with very healthy personal boundaries. It’s a given that SOMEONE will be offended when someone else sets a boundary to take care of themselves. However, healthy people will respond to that boundary being set with a compliment, celebrating the truthfulness and emotional health of the other person! YAY, them!!!

      It is impossible to please every person all of the time. If you try to please everyone else, you’ll be a maniac. It feels like you’re having a meltdown, it feels like you’re losing control, we’ll tell you you’re a danger to yourself and the crazy train is ready to roll. :D

      What matters is doing for yourself what keeps you in balance and what pleases you, what takes good care of you. Sounds like that’s all the man is doing when others are feeling offended.

      Situation normal.
      Someone sets a personal boundary, someone else is upset.

  51. Waves says:

    Lindsay – Why are you not letting my comments through! Who are you – Mitt Romney?

  52. tnaftal says:

    Lindsay I was sad to read ur article judging Adam so harshly. Why do ppl expect more from a celebrity than they do from family and friends or even themselves ? Each celebrity gives of themselves in their unique way as u do in ur own family life. One of the most basic principles in a stable mental health life is to take care of ur self 1st so u have more to give to those u love. Why are we surprised by all the sad entertainers who have gone too young? We in the general public expect them to have perfect manners at all times and to never, ever slip up. They live with the undercurrent that if I don’t put on a happy face and respond to every thing asked of me my reputation can be trashed in one hot second. So , they put on the happy face until they can’t. And they have the misfortune of running into someone who wields a pen and with a few strokes, all the times they managed to have perfect manners and genuinely were into meeting a fan or lose another piece of themselves by faking it when they really want to respond differently, gets trashed. Adam sincerely loves ppl and is generally the most positive person in the business so if he’s less than perfect it’s because he has given too much away. Ur take on the situation is like being in high school all over again where u go along merrily, and make a misstep or even just a PERCEIVED misstep and ur class turns on you. The Adam fandom is responding so strongly and ferociously because for one you are that teen in high school that spread the rumour and was so judgemental. We know the power of words and your slamming Adam in print over your perceived slight or said rudeness is so far and few between for Adam yet now its in print forever a smear on Adam because he had the problem of being what all of us are-imperfect , works in progress, humans.
    If someone who respected u from ur past, whom u knew slightly, approached u in the same situation to get a picture I wonder if ur manners would get u thru or would u be inclined to try to give a polite brush off? And say, this was the 20th person from ur past in the space of an hour. Why do we get to be human and take care of ourselves and entertainers don’t? I don’t believe u were being malicious. I think that as an opinions blogger rather than a journalist u are used to judging and making assumptions as opposed to looking below the surface of topics. Writing from that shallow a point of view u will get heated responses to topics when they are deeper than they appear. I hope ur Glambert experience won’t turn u off totally as we all mean well its as if u slammed a family member w/o having all the facts and as I said ur slam will carry lots of weight. Another basic principal in mental health is for every negative statement it takes 6 positives to make a dent in the damage done by the negativity. The idea for ur article of good Adam stories would normally be a great idea and would help u get those many positive comments u will need to balance out all the negative comments yet I fear not all of us Glamberts are evolved enough to be very forgiving. Good Luck and as Adam would say lets keep it positive.

  53. Lily says:

    ok, let’s imagine that Adam Lambert did take a picture with you, Lindsay… You will be happy, you had your moment, and you will walk away from the scene leaving Adam behind and go back to your seat.

    But what about Adam ? Have you thought about him… After he has taken a picture with you, it will draw the attention of other people who also want to take a picture with him. In the end, it will be hard for him to get back to his seat and he will miss a part of the event, while you are enjoying your own evening in your privacy.

    You already were able to have a short chat with him, something most fans can only dream of. So count your blessings.

  54. Axel says:

    @CWM, I remember reading your report about your encounter with Adam in the airport on another website… So great… even if you just had a short chat with him, it felt so precious….

  55. Bonni Moschetti says:

    Adam Lambert IS a very kind & humble celebrity. I am shocked that you would write such an article as this. You OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING of him!!! YOU owe him an apology!!!!!!!

  56. winnie says:

    Poor Adam Lambert. His fans are notorious busy bodies who think he needs an army of a million mommies to defend him. Even when he’s in rehab they will not recognize that they put him there.

    • sandi shader says:

      Winnie, you are a moron!

    • Leigh says:

      Winnie – another Lambert “critic” who just can’t stay away from the guy. She’s the type who blasts his fans, but is equally mesmerized by the guy and follows anything written about him. Interesting how occasionally these non-fans know more about Lambert than his fans do.

      • winnie says:

        I wasn’t criticizing Adam Lambert. I was criticizing his fans. He must have to drink himself into a stupor knowing he’s saddled with such fans. The media keep a distance just knowing the sparkle cows will come stampeding.

        • allison says:

          looool yes winnie, i’m sure it must suck knowing you don’t just have a few milquetoast fans who sometimes care about you and sometimes don’t. poor adam having a passionate fanbase, whatever will he do. and your sparkle cow reference shows just how pressed you are after 3 effing years to still be chasing adam around everywhere you see his name to leave your comments. wow you must really have no life at all. laughing at you really hard right now :)

        • allison says:

          oh wait, forgot to say if this is the media keeping their distance then lollll forever. the man is a hoopla magnet and people who don’t like him talk about him just as much as people who love him (hey…just like you!) it’s this kind of attraction that will keep him around for a very long time because he also has phenomenal talent to back everything up. thanks for helping keep his name out there tho, you’re awesome! :)

        • JC says:

          omg, it’s the sparkle cow chick, majal1 or winnie, what ever you call yourself now…. such an amusing little troll…. follows Adam and his fans with such sick passion. Remember -Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do. Fits you to a T!! LOL

  57. Caryn says:

    Alright, let me get this straight. So, just because Adam wanted to enjoy a concert without someone bothering him gives you the right to diss him? That’s cold. See, I understand that you’re hurt, but that’s not cool. I’m not trying to be b*tchy or anything, but he didn’t deserve that. I respect your opinion and all, just a little advice, don’t diss Adam Lambert. Glamberts will get on your case. We are dedicated. We’re not just fans. I’m very disappointed to see that you said that.

  58. Leigh says:

    Too many poseurs here – like “My 2 Cents” and “I was there too” – as if they really were fans once – run across these types all the time with their “sighs” and pretend concern – wonder who they think they’re kidding – other dumb people maybe.

    • I was there too says:

      Ok, I lied, that was not my last post. leigh, I did used to be a fan. A big one. You can believe it..or not. Honestly I dont care. To whoever said he only treats stalkers like that, lol ok. I did mention before, whether you believe me or not that everytime I saw Adam on his “off time” it was a random meeting. I did not know he would be there. Which is also true for that night. I went to see the best band on the planet, Vintage Trouble. I could have cared less if Adam was there. But he was. I did not approach him. He walked towards me and I just squeaked out a “Hi Adam” as he walked past. He did return with a hi response, as he was still walking with his head still turned the other way. Ok, thats fine I get it. I didnt say anything else. I didnt follow him or stare at him. I turned to talk to someone else (who stopped to talk to me), that I knew, that was walking behind him. But then he turned around and looked all goofy cause he didnt know what to do cause OMG I was talking to someone he knew too. I dont know whats wrong with him. He had several alternatives other than how he actually acted.

      • Nonny says:

        To I was there too: I’m sure you were, but then you always are there and maybe that’s what your problem is, the reason Adam doesn’t want to talk to you or even see you is that you’re always trying to insinuate yourself into his life, especially when it comes to courting his friends. He knows who you are and he doesn’t want to know you.

        The biggest joke is your statement about Adam’s delusional fans, addicts as you call them. I would say that you’re far more addicted than any of us. At least most of us don’t stalk him. I met him once and it was awesome.

        If you want to stalk him, well, okay, but don’t then say it’s all his fault and diss him because you’re butthurt over him not wanting to know you. It’s all your fault, all yours, and the more you push it, the more he doesn’t like it. Apparently, he really, really doesn’t want to know you.

        How clever too (or not) of you to talk to someone Adam knows after he tried his best to be polite to you. How sad that you think you got him for that and made it awkward for him. Like, as if Adam gives a shit about it. He just didn’t want to see your face again. Poor guy.

        • Will says:

          well said , I started thinking the same and I think you are right, besides this person lied about saying she was attacked by the fandom, she writes it then denies it in another post,liars can’t remember their lies,probably lied about being there too.

        • I was there too says:

          Ok Nonny, I will tell you a little story, then maybe, just maybe you will see this differently. probably not. And believe me, Im far from obsessed with Adam. Ok, here it is. This took place almost 2 years ago and Ive seen him maybe twice since then, once I talked to him, and another time he acted the same way as the night of the Wiltern. No apparent reason. And AGAIN, I did not know he would be there. I went to see a band whom I had seen several weeks in a row prior. I like live music and do go see various bands on a regular basis. I was standing in the back because I felt this was the best spot for this particular venue. I had no idea Adam was sitting at a table nearby until he got up and walked across the room. Hes hard to miss. So I continued to watch the band, no I didnt leave. Im sure you all think I should have. OMG, Im invading HIS privacy. I was there first btw. I was told later He walked to his seat while I was standing there, but I didnt see him. Ok so the show ends. Clearly there were fans there and about 6 of them rushed his table after the show. I did not, for the very reason that I didnt want to bother him on his “own time” But I didnt leave. I was talking to friends. So as soon as he got done tallking to these people he walked toward me, saw me and stopped, got a big smile on his face and put his arms out for a hug, “great to see you” he said. And we proceeded to talk for about 15 minutes. I have to say this the the most genuine, nice and sweet I have ever seen Adam act. He was like a completely different person to any thing I’d ever encountereed. he didnt try and get away,he didnt act like he wanted to leave. We were having a real conversation. So at one point another person walks up and mentioned she saw me at another venue a few nights before (Adam was there but I didnt speak to him). Adam looked right at me and said “YOU WERE THERE? WHY DIDNT YOU COME UP AND SAY HI??” I was shocked to say the least. and speechless. You mean its ok? I said. He said sure! if we are both out enjoying bands together, its fine! Ok, we’ll I took that with a grain of salt, and clearly he doesnt always feel that way. Im not following him around. I havent even seen him anywhere at all for over 1 1/2 years. Ive had no horrible encounters with him in that period, no reason for him to snub me personally now. And for all you who are now saying that he just doesnt like me, what happened to “dont take this personally?” lololol. I dont take it personally at all. He just is what he is. I was just stating facts, not trying to diss him. Theres a difference.

          • Waves says:

            I WAS THERE TOO:
            So your story proves Adam is a nice guy. Just maybe NOT ALWAYS in the mood to deal with Stalker fans. By the way you certainly are trying to diss him! Just stop already!

          • JC says:

            sorry you are wrong, jealousy does not stem from immaturity… omg… you are hilarious…l Jealousy is a common human feeling and usually stems from a place of lack in our own lives, which shows you are clearly lacking a lot of things in your own.

          • Nonny says:

            I WAS THERE TOO Jealousy is you being pissed off at Adam because he won’t talk with you, and especially after he gave you that 15 minutes and you thought you were his BFF. Get real, you still adore Adam, but you will never be his BFF and you are pissed because you’ve tried everything to get close to him and he’s not buying it, and you seem to take it very personally. Me thinks you doth protest too much. Get real, seriously.

            Because you do take it personally, I don’t believe you when you say you were just stating facts and that’s not a diss. A diss is a diss is a diss. You know full well that casual fans might believe it, especially when you agree with the author. You’d love to hurt Adam because you feel slighted, and very entitled.

            Oh, and how are those Monte living room concerts working out for you? You two deserve each other.

      • Waves says:

        Dear “I was there too”:
        Planting yourself in with so many of “Adam’s friends” makes him uncomfortable. What do you expect – who are you to him – just an X-fan. Please stop bad mouthing him. If it weren’t for him you wouldn’t know half of your “Celebrity Pals” you now call your friends – which are his friends. To me that is the definition of a stalker?

        • Waves says:

          Dear “I was there too”. I forgot one thing – how many times have you seen Adam perform? Is it over 100 yet? Rest my case!

          • Waves says:

            Sorry “I was there too” – forgot to ask how many times have your seen your NEW “best band on the planet”. I bet that tally is over 100 by now. Does anyone see a pattern here?

          • I was there too says:

            all this is becoming quite comical. I feel like Im back in high school. the immature behavior in this fandom is staggering. I rest my case. Goodbye all. its been fun!

          • I was there too says:

            and jealousy. Most all of the immature behavior stems from jealousy. If any of you ever get out from under Adams spell, you will see it too believe me. Ok for real, over and out!

          • Waves says:

            I WAS THERE TOO:
            The immature behavior started with you and the intent of Lindsay’s article to disparage Adam. Believe me – no one is jealous of you. I hope you get some help. I’m done too!

        • Nonny says:

          Omg dying! Yes, we all know who this person is…roflmaooo

  59. Jodi says:

    Okay, so I haven’t read all of the previous responses. I just want to say that now you are presumably an adult, but you’re responding to Adam the exact same way you responded to David Copperfield when you were six. All I can say is – Grow Up!

  60. NANCY says:


  61. leigh says:

    The only comical thing, “I was there too,” are your attempts to justify your addiction to Lambert. Lotsa rationalizing there. (Just like you keeping saying it’s your last post, but you still come back.)

  62. Tanner says:

    My mother was a tv celebrity in the 70s and early 80s. She has always been the type of woman who wants to do everything for herself. Growing up, I and my siblings had no caregiver other than my mother (and grandmother when she was filming), went to a public school, lived in a nice but not extravagent home, and was pretty much treated like everyone else in our small town. On the occassions where we accompanied her for out of town filming, the experience was always surreal, and at times, scary, and this was the eighties — it is much worse now, lord knows the world does not need another photo of suri, angie and kids, etc., and with everyone carrying a camera phone it seems to install a sense of entitlement. My mother always says the best thing she did was leave hollywood for good in the 90s. People deserve thier private lives, celebrities or not.

  63. Debbie says:

    Love the way this author is picking and choosing which comments to publish. Where are mine? Especially the one where I also attended the Vintage concert and actually met Adam afterwards. He was wonderful and accommodating. Got a pic with him, no problem. So, your argument here is invalid.

  64. Agoodread says:

    Great article Lindsay. You’re right, celebrities should be more accommodating to their fans especially those like Lambert who is just starting out with his career, or is he fizzling out already, like Whatever said (I agree with that commenter’s comment), I don’t hear his songs on the radio at all anymore. But anyhow, it’s nice to read that there are some really great people in the biz like Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and Vintage Trouble. I enjoyed reading your article.

    • Leigh says:

      Let us know when Lindsay comes clean about her statement in the article that she would NOT check with Lambert after the show and then in her reply comment that she WAS going to check with him after the show. “Whatever,” et al., can’t keep their stories straight either.

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