Digital Hollywood Spring 2013

Digital Hollywood Spring’s 4-day conference offered a glimpse of the future of entertainment and media, starting with Variety’s Technology and Entertainment Summit.

Panels ranged from The Future of the Entertainment Business, offering insights like:
  • Netflix achieved 21% penetration of U.S. homes in 2012.
  • BitTorrent users are 30% more likely to pay for content (music/video). (via Jill Calcaterra, CMO of Cinedigm)
  • Generation Z is far more excited about/open to augmented/personalized entertainment experiences, exhibiting little concern towards privacy.
To keynotes by executives, like the President of EPIX, who held up the demise of the music industry as a cautionary tale for film:
“Arrogance, ignorance and indifference killed the music industry…We have to change with the technology.” ~Mark Greenberg, CEO of EPIX
The rest of the week included full days dedicated to Crowdfunding and the Second Screen. To get the chatter from the week, check out the comments on Twitter using:
About Amy Senger:
Amy Senger is an L.A. transplant by way of Washington, DC, and co-founder of 1X57, named to Washingtonian’s Tech Titans list with her partner Steven Mandzik. Follow her on twitter @sengseng and follow the Pacific Punch @ThePacificPunch or email amy@1×


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