Felicia Day unveils five new web shows and season 5 of The Guild at WonderCon

As the (geeky) world prepares the San Diego Comic-Con this summer, its little sister WonderCon took place this last weekend in Anaheim, California. With more than 30,000 attendees compared to San Diego’s 150,000, it is big, but no match for the event that is Comic-Con.

It did bring with it a slew of announcements, including Felicia Day’s latest venture. The creator of the internet-famous show, The Guild, came to WonderCon to announce her new YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry, featuring five new shows and Season 5 of The Guild.

Among them, my two favorites are Written by a Kid (super funny trailer) which features short films of sci-fi and fantasy stories as told by kids, and TableTop featuring geek-star Will Wheaton and a crew of celebrities, ce-webrities, and unique characters playing very geeky and competitive board games.

Think of it as Big Bang Theory meets Scrabble.

Topics of the other shows include a book club for fans of sci-fi and fantasy, video versions of Dark Horse comic books, and The Flog featuring Felicia Day doing “whatever the hell I wanted to that week.”

The previews look just as funny and entertaining as The Guild. And, for those of you turned off by the overwhelming nerdiness of it all, don’t worry, none of the shows will scare you. They are all female-driven with strong characters and entertaining stories.

Who knows maybe they will inspire your inner geek.

Geek & Sundry on Twitter, Facebook, and the Website.

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