Inspirational L.A. Entrepreneur: Kasey Pitillo Births Baby and Launches New Baby Dental Care Business in Same Month

Kasey-Pitillo, Founder of Happy Teeth

Ever heard of the term supermom? Well, we’ve discovered a local L.A. woman who fits this description. Kasey Pitillo, a longtime dental professional, managed to launch a new oral care line for babies, Happy Teeth, AND have a baby all within a few weeks of each other!

In the photo above, Kasey is eight months pregnant, working a full-time job and trying to launch Happy Teeth (notice the two phones and two laptops!?) before the baby came. But as with any new business, there were unforeseen delays along the way. Lucy (in photo below) was born and Kasey continued pursuing her dream to launch Happy Teeth. Two weeks later, she and her family were celebrating two births!

kasey pitillo, founder of happy teeth

If you’ve ever had an idea to start a business but ran into obstacles that stopped you from following through, Kasey’s story is a beacon of light. No matter what you encounter along the way: YES, you CAN do it too. Through perseverance, you can bring your ideas to fruition and be your own boss.

Inspired by a need in the dental care market for not only a dedicated brand and product for babies’ dental health but also for a source of education for parents and caretakers about the importance of starting healthy dental habits from the very beginning, Kasey launched Happy Teeth in October 2013.

“When I had my first baby, I was astounded by the lack of information available regarding infant oral care and the ways to prevent tooth decay,” says Pitillo, “so, I put my 13 years as a dental industry professional to work to develop a new solution – I knew we had the opportunity to make a big difference.”

Here are some astounding facts that spurred her to follow through on her business idea:

  • Tooth decay is today’s #1 chronic childhood disease in America
  • 5% of babies have some tooth decay by 9 months of age; 15% by twelve months; 17% by four years of age
  • More than 40% of children in the U.S. have cavities by the time they reach kindergarten
  • 51 million school hours and 164 million work hours are lost annually due to tooth decay issues

happy teeth oral care for babiesSafe, Natural Toothpaste for Babies

Kasey knew how important it was to her and other moms to safeguard little ones from hidden, harmful additives. That’s why Kasey carefully selected all of the ingredients in Happy Teeth Natural Baby Toothpaste as well as which ones she would leave out. No harsh abrasives, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and it includes Xylitol, an all-natural sweetener that has been proven to help prevent cavities. Happy Teeth is also recommended by both medical and dental professionals so you know they are natural, gentle and safe.

Happy Teeth’s Free Resource Center

If you have children, you know how difficult it can be to get them to brush their teeth. But, by starting early, with fun tools and sing-alongs on, it creates a lifetime of healthy habits associated with a positive experience, rather than a chore. The free resource center for new parents and caregivers includes: “How to Make Tiny Teeth Happy Teeth” e-book, educational videos and a downloadable sing-along song and music video that the entire family can play together while brushing.

happy teeth

“The first-step to help prevent childhood tooth decay is to educate new parents about the importance of keeping baby’s teeth and gums clean, the second step is having the right products for this very special stage and the third step is making it fun for the entire family to get involved,” says Pitillo. “If we can make it fun and easy to instill great dental care habits in our kids right from the very start, we can absolutely make a dramatic difference in the incidence of tooth decay in the country.”

About Happy Teeth™

Happy Teeth products, in adorable pastel polka-dot packaging, currently include a Natural Non-Fluoridated Baby Toothpaste (1.4 oz), Pure Baby Toothbrush by Radius and The Complete Pack with Toothbrush and Toothpaste, available for purchase online or at Mother’s Haven in Encino, CA. Additional products will be launched in 2014, including Happy Teeth Tiny Tooth and Gum Wipes.

Three cheers to Kasey Pitillo, an L.A. business woman, wife and mother of three who inspires us all to persevere in the pursuit of our dreams/goals/ideas and ‘just do it’.

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Photos courtesy of Happy Teeth.


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