Kathy Duliakas’s 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite and Party

The  awards season was in full swing recently, and I didn’t get to attend The Oscars this year. Fingers crossed for a nomination next year. However, I was feeling pretty special when I received an invite to the star-studded Kathy Duliakas’ 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite and Party at the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood on Wednesday February 26th.

The suite showcased many fantastic sponsors offering samples of everything from clothing and beauty products to chocolate and electronics. The event also provided donations to Pajama Program, a lovely charity that provides warm cozy pajamas and books to kids and teens living in shelters and group homes.

The beautiful showroom of Kathy Duliakas’s 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite (Photo courtesy of  Jeff Carrillo)

This was my first experience at a gifting suite and I wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason – don’t judge me – my first stop was the Kama Sutra Company . They were offering rather intimate products including Warming Kissable Body Oil. After blowing on my wrist to experience that warming sensation, I did give the Tropical Mango flavor a taste. These oils and many more products are a yummy way to sweeten things up in the bedroom and provide some fun! Visit kamasutra.com for all they have to offer. They also have fun gift sets that would make great gifts for bachelorette parties!

Tasty body oils from The Kama Sutra Company (Photo courtesy of www.NickiHenne.com)

Next to the sexy body oil was a colorful assortment of very tasty chocolates. This was the display from Ze Chocolate Lady and where I met Tina Villar whose mission in life is “to make people happy through chocolate.” These chocolates WILL make you happy! She offered tastes of five delicious artisanal bon bons. Each flavor had a colorful smooth shell with heavenly creamy chocolate inside. Champagne and Vanilla Milk Chocolate Oreo were my favorites. There is luxury in every bite. You can read Tina’s chocolate blog at www.zechocolatelady.wordpress.com and email her at zechocolatelady@gmail.com for all of your chocolate inquiries.

Colorful Bon Bons from Ze Chocolate Lady (Photo courtesy of www.NickiHenne.com)

There were some very luxurious beauty products showcased. Herban Body Care offers all natural and vegan care products for your body, face, and feet that are made right in Canoga Park. Dana Miller was inspired by the famous soaps her grandmother used to make to design the line. I loved the Shae Lavender moisturizer. Just a pinch was all I needed for my hands to feel soft and moisturized. I would like to try the soaps and loved the elegant way they were displayed. Order at www.herban.net.

An array of products from Herban Body Care

Zensation might be based here in Beverly Hills, but their creams and gels are made in Switzerland with a rich blend of natural ingredients and oils, the first of which being pure water from the Swiss Alps. I was given the Hydrating Moisture Cream and the Leyeser Cream for the under eye area. Both of the creams are very light and leave no oily residue. I have a problem with dark circles under my eyes and after using the Leyeser Cream, I have noticed the skin around my eyes to be brighter and much softer. Give it a try and see for yourself. All of their skin care line can be found as www.zensationbeaute.com

Moisturizing collection from Zensation (Photo courtesy of Jeff Carrillo)

I will be honest, most of the gifts were geared towards the ladies. I’m a lady so I was just fine with that. I love accessories! Bam Bags are super cute handbags, purses and totes all made in Denver, Colorado. Beth A. Metsch is the creator of the original “zippurse,” a purse made with one high strength continuous zipper. I think they are adorable and come in multiple shapes sizes and designs. So next time you want to show off some fun fashion go and get a Bam Bag at www.bambags.com

Actress Blanca Blanco showing off her new Bam Bags. (Photo courtesy of Barbara Metsch)

Next was jewelry! There were two tables of jewelry thagt caught my eye. One was Shame on Jane jewelry. Shame on Jane does a fun take on name and monogram pieces. Whether you want your initials, your name, a letter or an inspiring word, you can say almost anything with these necklaces, bracelets, rings or charms. These would make great gifts especially for teenagers! See all of their selections at www.shameonjane.com.

A collection of jewelry for Shame on Jane (Photo courtesy of Dan Kennedy Photography)

Speaking of making a statement, Twisted Silver goes by the slogan, “above and beyond the call of jewelry.” These pieces will definitely make a statement. It’s difficult to describe this jewelry line. The pieces all have an antique and alternative feel to them, combining chains with coins and stones and baubles. They could be worn just as easily for a night out or with jeans and a t-shirt. Each piece is unique and there’s plenty of variety for whatever statement you want to make. Head to www.twisted-silver.com for more.

Actress Kelsey Scott wearing selections of funky jewelry from Twisted Silver (Photo courtesy of LNR Productions)

Now that I had seen the accessories, it was time to find the oufits to go along. The first thing I noticed about the International Citizen clothing line were the cool gals exhibiting them wearing Russian style WWII-esque hats and jackets. These clothes are just cool. They’re unique and will definitely turn some heads. There’s also lots of comfy tees, sweats and tanks. Whatever your style you can find something just right at www.ictzn.com.

Actress and recording artist Renee Olstead and founders/designers Sheena Gao and Laura Krusemark at the International Citizen Design House (Photo Courtesy of Ike STeeLE Photography)

Would you say that you have more of a peaceful earthy vibe? If so, then you will love the inspirational clothing from the Wear Luck and Wear Luv line. These shirts say a simple word like “Luck” or have the message of “I Will” and “I Pray” as a reminder to focus on your goals and dreams. There are always days where we could use some positive reinforcement. Putting on one of these cozy t-shirts may just the attitude boost you need. Whatever positive message that you want to share or wear, look no further than www.wearluck.com.

Lin Johnson and Beth Wickliffe showing off Wear Luv and Wear Luck (Photo courtesy of LNR Productions)

After sampling all of these amazing products, it was time to find out why there was a giant set of pajamas hanging from the ceiling. This is where I met Genevieve Piturro, the founder of Pajama Program, an amazing charity that provides pajamas and books to children and teens living in group homes and shelters that may be waiting to be adopted or put into a foster homes. As Piturro put it simply, “they don’t have the bedtime they should.”

The Pajama Program’s  eye-catching display

She added, “We read to them and leave them with the books so they can practice their reading. They see pretty pictures and maybe will not be so afraid, being able to sleep in their warm comfortable pajamas that fit them instead of sleeping in clothes that they wore all day.” If you would like to help these kids have a better nights sleep, you can bring pajamas and books to places in need or do pajama drives. Her goal is to reach one million new books and one million new pajamas and the resources to get them out as fast as they come in by 2015. They’re a third of the way there! Find out more ways to help at www.pajamaprogram.org.

Pajama Program’s L.A. Chapter President Lindsay Smith, Stephanie Jacobsen and Pajama Program’s Founder Genevieve Piturro (Photo courtesy of LNR Productions)

I want to say a big thank you to Kathy Duliakas for this invitation. I had a fantastic time getting to know all of these wonderful sponsors and sampling the amazing products! I encourage you to check them all out too! For more event photos, head to Kathy’s Facebook page.

A table presenting the products from Kathy Duliakas’ 6th Annual Celebrity Oscar Suite and Party (Photo credit of Jeff Carrillo)

Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to get to everyone. All of the sponsors in attendance included:


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