Peter Greenberg teams up with MICHELIN to create “Like a Local” book series

This month CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg announced a new partnership with MICHELIN, the company that has created the world’s most-renowned guides for restaurants, hospitality and travel for more than a century. Together, they will bring travelers a series of unique new guidebooks called “Like a Local.”

With a rising number of travelers wanting “local” experiences that enrich their journeys, we asked Peter why traveling like a local has become such a trend. “It’s not about being popular; it’s about being an essential approach to having great travel experiences and not being a tourist,” Peter says. “Who knows a city better than the folks who live there?”

Travelers like myself who avoid typical “guidebook” travel at all costs can rest assured that the Greenberg/MICHELIN guidebooks are anything but the norm and instead, get you off the beaten path! “Our mantra is that if something is in a guidebook or brochure, we try to steer clear of it, or, at the very least check with the locals to see the innovative, creative ways they employ to experience it in a very different way,” Peter says.

Each “Like a Local” book contains Greenberg’s expert advice on navigating the travel process, plus insider tips culled from his years of experience as a seasoned road warrior. For each locale, the “Like a Local” series offers a new twist on traditional travel guides by providing a detailed array of insider tips and local knowledge that help visitors become immersed in a region. Travelers using the “Like a Local” guides will get the inside story on cultural etiquette, the people, the history, culinary traditions and many other authentic experiences.

“Traveling like a local means experiencing a new location just like a resident would: immersing yourself in the culture, doing what they do, eating what they eat and avoiding the cookie-cutter tourist experience,” says Peter. “In your own hometown, you have your favorite places to eat, go shopping and even simply watch the sunset. Now, imagine you could learn this kind of information about the places you travel before you even get there. That’s what ‘Like a Local’ is all about.”

The MICHELIN “Like a Local” series debuted in April and includes five destinations: Buenos Aires, the Caribbean, Cuba, Miami and New Orleans. Why these five to start? “We wanted a mix of some iconic destinations as well as the destinations I felt were about to explode – Buenos Aires and Cuba, for example,” Peter says. What cities are next on the list? “We’re looking at everything from New York and London and Washington, D.C. to places like Peru and Panama,” Peter says.

The Michelin name has become synonymous with “quality” and “trust.” We wanted to know if this was the reason behind the new partnership. “Without sounding too self-serving, it’s all about credibility,” says Peter. “I look at MICHELIN the way I hope they look at me – as a trusted source with great history, experience, and credibility.”

In addition to being the Travel Editor for CBS News, Greenberg appears on “CBS This Morning,” “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley,” “CBS Sunday Morning” and other broadcast platforms. The multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist and producer also hosts a nationally syndicated radio show broadcast each week from a different remote location around the world.

Peter offered Pacific Punch readers his top five tips to travel better or smarter:

  1. Be a contrarian. When a sign says turn left, turn right.
  2. The off season is your friend.
  3. Pack light, and in fact, pack an empty suitcase inside another. It gives you options.
  4. Before you ever commit to someone in a relationship, travel with them. Then you’ll know.
  5. Never ever take a “no” from someone not empowered to give you a yes in the first place!

Visit Peter online at For more information on the “Like a Local” book series, visit Follow them both on twitter @MichelinGuides and @PeterSGreenberg.

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