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If you’re looking for a heartwarming story to share with your loved ones this holiday (especially the pet lovers in your life), here’s our pick for you!

They say you never forget your first love… Simon & Schuster recently released a wise and heart-warming debut novel about a beloved dog from platinum-selling musician/composer Alan Lazar.

ROAM (Atria Hardcover) is an insightful story about families, love lost and found, and the three-legged dog named Nelson that brings them all together.

In ROAM, a beagle/poodle mutt named Nelson finds a happy home with a newlywed couple, Katey and Don. But when trouble sets in, Nelson senses something wrong, and soon follows his nose outside of their yard and into the world. Over the course of eight years, ROAM follows Nelson as he crosses the country searching for a way home, meeting people and animals along the way who teach him life’s most valuable lessons.

ROAM is so much more than the story of a dog.  It is an eye-opening look at the human condition.  Nelson witnesses humans in all different stages of their lives, and with an objective point of view, offers insight as to how our emotions and general states of being are detectible by an animal’s keen senses.  It is also a story of survival, and in telling the story of Nelson’s will to live in the wild, Lazar artfully shows us just how animals communicate with each other.

In addition to a beautiful story in ROAM, author and composer Alan Lazar has also written seven original piano pieces to accompany the novel.  They can be accessed through Microsoft tags throughout the book, as well as through his website at www.alanlazar.com.

Praise for ROAM:

“I loved the curious, adventurous spirit of Nelson. ROAM shows some of the things I love most about dogs–their unconditional love, loyalty, instinct, connection to Mother Nature, and of course, their powerful noses! We can all learn and take something away from his journey.”   –Cesar Millan, Dog Whisperer

“Alan Lazar knows dogs, and to know a dog is to love a dog.  ROAM compassionately explores and celebrates the heart and mind of man’s best friend and t

he special bond we share”  –Patrick McDonnell, New York Times bestselling author of The Gift of Nothing

Author/Composer Alan Lazar with his dogs

“With the mesmerizing simplicity of a classic silent film, ROAM tells the heart-breaking (and yes, heart-warming) story of Nelson, an adventurous and brave little dog as memorable as John Grogan’s Marley, Kate deCamillo’s Edward Tulane and even Chaplin’s Little Tramp.

Without a word of dialogue, Lazar tells an epic tale almost entirely from Nelson’s point of view, but his canine hero’s stirring quest is no different than Quixote’s–a death-defying, wonder-inducing search for love.”   –David Frankel, director of “Marley and Me” and “The Devil Wears Prada”

“Lazar’s obvious affinity for dogs connects the reader to Nelson’s feelings of loss, love, and survival. By adopting a dog’s innocent, protective, childlike perspective, Lazar urges the reader to ponder a pet’s feelings about its owner’s actions…A touching page turner for dog lovers.”   –Publishers Weekly

Alan Lazar is a platinum-selling musician/composer whose career began in his native South Africa. He lives in Los Angeles, where he has composed music for more than 30 films and TV shows. This is his first novel.

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