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Digital Hollywood Spring 2013

Digital Hollywood Spring’s 4-day conference offered a glimpse of the future of entertainment and media, starting with Variety’s Technology and Entertainment Summit. Panels ranged from The Future of the Entertainment Business, offering insights like: Netflix achieved 21% penetration of U.S. homes in 2012. BitTorrent users are 30% more likely to pay for content (music/video). (via […]

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Punch Profiles: JibJab Co-Founder and CEO, Gregg Spiridellis

Gregg Spiridellis is kinda a badass. Picture it, 1998: A Wharton MBA student, recovering from four years of investment banking on Wall Street, when an animated dancing “doodie” shimmies into his life, changing it forever. Literally, Gregg Spiradellis’ muse was the sh$t (pardon my french). He called up his brother, Evan, an acclaimed independent animated film-maker, raving […]

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Hollywood, Disrupted

On Monday and Tuesday, at the Film Technology and Future of Film Summits, one theme rang clear: technology is shaking Hollywood to its very core. Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh explained, “This is an industry born in the 1920s…and has never been given any incentive to change.” But change, thanks to advances in technology, is exactly what’s happening in Hollywood […]

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