The Rand Luxury Review Showcases the Latest in Luxury

On October 16th it was a treat to attend the annual “Rand Luxury Review” at The Peterson Auto Museum. The Luxury Review is an exclusive press event & shopping experience showcasing the latest in luxury products & services. Brands from multiple industries including automotive, jewelry, cosmetics, resorts, spirits, electronics, and more were displayed. There was also a silent auction benefiting the Baby2Baby foundation. This was my third time attending this event and just like that last two years, it didn’t disappoint.

Silent Auction items benefiting the Baby2Baby foundation

I arrived just as they were unveiling the newest model of Halda Watches. The two models on display were The Race Pilot and The Space Discovery. The Race Pilot was specially designed for racing and The Space Discovery was designed and tested by astronauts in space to withstand any environment and even has components designed by NASA. Both watches are limited edition and only 128 of each have been crafted. For more details on these pieces go to

The Halda Watch ” Race Pilot”

The Halda Watch “Space Discovery”

The next reveal was Audeze Headphones, the latest and greatest and possibly the best headphones in the world. They are specially designed using technology that creates a magnetic field that travels through the light weight design and produces a sound quality that is, until now, unheard of. I put them on and the music was incredible and all of the sound around me was completely blocked out. They are a little bulky but very lightweight and not uncomfortable. If you’re a music lover and hearing the best sound is your priority these are the headphones for you! They range from $1,145 to $1,945. Visit to find your next pair.

Liesl Jackson modeling the Audeze headphones

The third reveal of the night was the Maserati Ghibli. It was a beautiful blue, had a majestic interior, and an engine that started with a purr and grew into a roar. It was described as a unique combination of style, sporty handling and comfort, designed to make driving a special car an everyday sensation. “A Maserati with a Ferrari engine,” according to Mr. Brand, “and at $70,000 very affordable.” Affordable to… millionaires! Anyway… Find out all the details of this extraordinary sedan at

The majestic Maserati Ghibli

I had to stop for a refreshment, but instead of hitting the bar I was distracted by some fruit juice. Suja juice, the newest sensation in bottled juices, all had catchy names like Fuel, Purify and Spark. What made these juices stand out to me was their simple ingredients. Just a handful of uncomplicated, pure ingredients exist in each bottle and are 100% organic. What separates them from home juicing and other companies is the way they process their juice. By applying pressure to the bottle in every direction at once  it kills the pathogens and the micro-organisms. I tried a few samples. I would describe the taste as healthy and refreshing. It’s just the taste you would get from juicing at home but without the hassle. Suja is sold exclusively at Whole Foods nationwide but for more info on these nutritious drinks visit

Selections from Suja juice

My next stop looked like an arcade game but I was told differently. This was a Virtual GT simulator. It simulates actual racing. You get a full body experience driving this. The audio, the sound, the movement and the visual are as authentic as you can get to being on the track. I had to try this, and I agree all of the sensations were there from the vibrations on my back as I revved the engine and the pull of the steering wheel as I tried to stay on course to the jerk of the engine when it was time to shift. It was a lot to mange in heels! I drove cautiously trying to stay on track, but the crowd behind me cheered, “Faster! Faster!” I hit the gas and I flew. I felt the thrilling rush of speeding on a racetrack until I felt the thrilling crash of hitting a wall. The steering wheel spun in my hand and even broke my nail. Even simulated racing is dangerous stuff. If you enjoy racing or know someone who aspires to be, this is a great way to get them into the simulated drivers seat! Everything you need to know is right here:

The Virtual GT Race Simulator

One thing I see a lot of at these events is jewelry. Diamonds and jewels galore. But there was a particular set of jewelry I had never seen before. These are the kind of pieces you really have to take a closer look at. I had come upon the Natalie Baroni collection. These pieces had incredible detail and were truly one of a kind. One of my favorites was the Fantasy Butterfly. It was stunning and colorful and somehow completely transparent.

The Fantasy Butterfly from the Natalie Baroni Fantasy Collection

The piece that astounded me the most was a ring with an inverse carving of the pyramids into the gem stone. All of the pieces were very special and the attention to detail was incredible. It was the most unique and beautiful jewelry collection I have ever come across. View more of these exquisite pieces at

Beautiful ring from Natalie Baroni’s collection

My final stop was Puzzlebox Brain Controlled Helicopter. It’s a helicopter you fly with your brain waves. “What?!” I asked Avary Kent, a representative from Puzzlebox, to explain this one to me. “This brain controlled helicopter is both a toy and a tool. It’s something that anybody can use to work on focus and/or meditation. It uses brain computer interface BCI and we’re using a mind wave mobile EEG headset and that’s picking up the electrical currents every time you think. With the app you’re able to set a threshold. Every time you cross it the helicopter flies and you get this physical signal that you’ve succeeded.

The app for the Puzzlebox Brain Controlled Helicopter

You’ve reached your target and by reaching this target it distracts you. The helicopter falls and you have to focus again to get it to fly. So that’s the training is learning how to stay focused through that distraction.” I had to try this out. I was able to make the helicopter fly, but I think they made it easy on me. It was still pretty cool and it’s affordable at $189. Check out this and all the other innovative products Puzzlebox has to offer at

Avary Kent displaying the Puzzle Box Brain Controlled Helicopter

It was another great evening at the Rand Luxury event. All of the guests seemed to have a wonderful time perusing the latest and greatest that the review had a to offer. Every year I am surprised, entertained and delighted at what it brings. Can’t wait to see what comes next year!

About Liesl Jackson:
Liesl Jackson is a writer/actress/comedian/pet sitter living in the heart of Hollywood. She loves the arts, animals, volunteering, traveling, and attempting to learn the acoustic guitar. Email her at Follow her on twitter @SillyLiesl and follow The Pacific Punch @ThePacificPunch.


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