The TV Summit 2013

On March 21st 2013, on a hill overlooking Universal Studios, Variety Magazine and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation hosted ‘The TV Summit, 2013’. They invited television executives, producers, writers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to speak about topics affecting the future of the Television business, and the media business at large.

The Academy and Variety are some of Hollywood’s oldest and most respected institutions/brands, and the sponsorship and attendance of brands like HBO, Yahoo, Amazon, and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actor’s Guild) add cache to the event.

What is the state of the Television business in 2013? Bottom line: It’s complicated. The long answer is all about: Second screens, VOD and SVOD, proliferating models of digital distribution, fracturing markets, branded media, ratings windows, cloud based DVR, TV everywhere apps, social media gagging and engaging, metrics and big data, content leveraging… If that sounds confusing, you are not alone! Welcome to the TV business in 2013.

The rapid pace of technological innovation has completely changed the Television industry. If you have interest in the content business – creating, buying, selling, or distributing content for mobile or TV — you would find these talks, and summits informative and helpful. Industry leaders are gathered to share wisdom and talk about the issues.

The events are a great opportunity to meet with other professionals, make contacts, follow and meet people you want to follow on Twitter, and learn a little. The value of face-time for networking should never be underestimated, and you should come ready to seize the opportunity to meet and ask questions of top talent and executives.

The TV business, much like Hollywood at large, is in flux. We are heading into uncharted waters, but everyone seems to agree that there is a whole new world of possibilities and potentials for creative entrepreneurs out there. Events like this are about awareness of these potentials and learning how to use the technology and models available in the business today.

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About JulianTyler:
Julian Tyler is a screenwriter and media professional from Northern California. A Los Angeles resident for six years, he has worked on several hit films and TV shows, and follows the entertainment industry closely. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Julian has studied the media industries for many years. When he is not writing, working on films, TV shows, or media projects he is attending the best events in Los Angeles. Julian is proud to be a contributor to Pacific Punch. Follow him on twitter @JulianTyler and the Pacific Punch @ThePacificPunch.


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