Umami Burger Launches $8 “Throwback Burger”

I’ve been on a gluten and dairy free diet for nearly three months now. For weeks, I’d been craving two things: pizza and a big juicy cheeseburger. So when I heard that Umami Burger was launching a new “classic” yesterday, it was like the heavens opened with a message from God that it was time I… cheat. Or reward myself. Either way.

It was entirely possible I’d be sick and have a horrific stomach ache afterwards, but I thought it would be worth it… And. It. Was! Every bite of the burger was a cherished explosion of flavor, as satisfying as food – especially food that you’ve been craving – can be.

Known for their out-of-the-box burger combinations, Umami Restaurant Group launched the Throwback Burger yesterday and it’s now available nationwide*. It combines two Umami beef patties that are thinner than their norm (good idea!), white cheddar cheese, Umami house ketchup, miso mustard, soy pickles, minced onions and their signature Portuguese style bun. The result is a burger reminiscent of your childhood favorite, amplified with an umami flavor punch. It’s like the ultra premium, more luxurious version of In N’ Out’s Double Double.

And get this. It’s only $8.

Though Umami updates the menus regularly with seasonal specials and the artists series (pairing with a musician/band or celebrity), the core menu mostly stays the same. Typically forward-thinking with their culinary concepts, the idea behind this new addition was to give a nod to the Classic American Double Cheeseburger and a side of nostalgia.

I’m thrilled to report that though my stomach was a little upset with me for going in big on my cheat day, it wasn’t a bad reaction at all and I will most certainly be back the next time the craving sets in. I love burgers. LOVE BURGERS. And this was a mighty fine one.

PS — if you go to the Studio City location, sit at the bar when Kenly is working. She’s a great server, a sweet person, and no joke looks like a cross between Scarlett Johannson, Katy Perry, and P!nk. Only in LA.

*The Throwback Burger is not available at Umami’s LAX location; price and availability may vary by state. 

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