What We Offer

Fans of Pamela’s Punch and The Pacific Punch include industry leaders and executives in Media, Technology, Charity, Arts, Professional Services, Entertainment, Hospitality, Public Relations, Education, Policy, Retail, Events Production and more.  The Punch Community does not consist of the “masses”.  It is made up of those who “matter”.  They are smart, educated, stylish, lead socially conscious lives, have a higher level of disposable income, and look to the Punch for the answer to “where to go, what do to, where should I spend my time, money, energy?” As well as “what’s new and hot and what has happened recently?”

Interested in partnering? Pamela’s Punch offers a range of online advertising services as well as speaking, event, and media engagements.

Online Advertising
Gain exposure to your prospective clientele on the Pamela’s Punch website (www.pamelaspunch.com) as well as social media outlets such as facebook  (www.facebook.com/pamelaspunch) and twitter (www.twitter.com/pamelaspunch).

Media Sponsor
Promote your event – both online and offline – to your target demographic  before the function and receive post-event coverage, including photos and a blog post.

Program Emcee
Whether you’re hosting an intimate event for 20 or a big gala for 2,000, Pamela has experience speaking in front of small and large crowds at a variety of functions, including fashion shows, networking luncheons, and graduations.

Event Chair
Tap into Pamela’s network, connections, and leadership experience to secure a host committee, auction items, and sponsorships for your event.

Educational Speaker
With experience in networking, social media, and fundraising as well as women’s leadership and entrepreneurial issues, Pamela is able to address a variety of topics – as the keynote or as a panelist.

For more information, please contact Pamela Lynne Sorensen at 703.254.3309 or pamela@pamelaspunch.com.